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  1. Just now seeing this. Your armor is fantastic! I was able to find a set that was complete--but in pieces. I strung fishing line through the strap mounts so they can take the weight without damaging the original straps. Here's a photo. Like yours--also size 2.
  2. sixjune1944

    The pointy end..... my favourite dagger.....

    I just love dagger porn... Horst
  3. sixjune1944

    Complete Adrian helmet and a few medals.

    Tony, That's a nice collection you have there, and a beautiful infantry Adrian. I started collecting Adrian's just a few years ago (2011) after a trip to Verdun. There is something about those helmets that I really like--probably their instantly identifiable association with The Poilu. I have just a few--nothing crazy. Thanks for sharing. Horst
  4. Hi Chris, no--the previous owner painted the water jacket but I thought it looked good so I left it. I'll post more photos when I get a chance.
  5. Hello all, I recently joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I love MG08's and 08/15's and have been collecting the various bits and bobs associated with them, and will probably end up in debtor's prison... Here is my 08/15 and a few doodads. Horst