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  1. Great work Ilieff. I love your website. I have an imperial pilot badge that I can offer for your page. Let me know if you are interessted. Kind regards Alex
  2. I'm still lokking for informations on this man. Are there any sources available that might help? Kind regards Alex
  3. Of course, but this pictures are not a appropriate help because of the small size. This is only advertising. I don't have any problem with your post but this is the intention of your initial post. Kind regards
  4. Leim never received the saxon orders displayed on this bar. The man on this painting is a saxon citizen. Kind regards Alex

    • FOR SALE

    I offer this lot of 4 big pictures from an german navy aviator. All belong together. The picture shows an Brandenburg W 12 in flight has the serial number 1401.


  6. Max Immelmann Werner Voss Fritz Rumey Paul Bäumer Josef Jacobs Heinrich Gontermann Karl Bolle And some more Kind regards Alex
  7. If you have something that doesn't exist, how you call this? When do you thing was the gilded made? Are this minis made of silver? Kind regards Alex
  8. Because thre is no navy air gunnar badge. This is a mythos. Both badges are from the same design. If something doesn't comes up often, not makes it to an original. Kind regards Alex
  9. Imho both miniature are not from the period. The gilded badge makes no sence for me. Kind regards Alex
  10. What am incredible nice group. I assume the medal bar belongs to Anton Born too. Congratulation to this group. Do you have any further infos to Born? Kind regards Alex
  11. Today I want to present another brave aviation man. This time the bavarian Uffz Thomas Schaller. * 20.10.1895 Regnitzlosau 05.01.1917 FEA 1b versetzt 30.01.1917 Beobachterschule 1 versetzt 26.02.1917 FEA 1b versetzt 01.03.1917 Schutzstaffel 29b Parkzug 10.03.1917 AFP A - Schutzstaffel 29b versetzt 06.09.1917 Verwundet im Luftkampf - Durchschuss rechte Hand und linke Schulter ins Lazarett 15.09.1917 AFP 4 versetzt 05.01.1918 Reserve Lazarett Lübeck 17.08.1918 FEA 1b versetzt 18.08.1918 bayer. Militär-Flieger-Schule 1 Schleißheim Promotions 27.04.1917 Gefreiter 13.06.1917 Unteroffizier Decorations 11.05.1917 EK II 05.09.1917 EK I 06.09.1917 bayer. Militär-verdienst-Kreuz 3. Klasse mit Schwertern 18.10.1918 bayer. Fliegerschützenabzeichen First picture shows Schaller (far right) with Schlachtstaffel 29b. Second picture with his wife. Taken after the award of the air gunnar badge. And the highlight is this portrait of him wearing the bavarian air gunnar badge. I never seen another picture of an Maybauer bavarian air gunnar in wear. Some of you may know this picture. Even he already was awarded the IC I, he doesn't wear the cross on this picture.
  12. I'm appreciate to see that you like this pictures. I will continue with an bavarian air gunnar. Kind regards Alex
  13. A couple of days ago I got this group of three pictures of Uffz Hans Kiefer. Nothing known about this brave guy. But the pictures himself tells the story. 1st picture shows Hans on 03.03.1918 sitting in the rear position on a Rumpler C I oder C Ia, possible during his air gunnar training. 2nd picture shows Hans (far right) on 02.06.1918 with his comrades. At this timepoint he wear the air gunnar badge but not the IC 1. 3rd picture is the highlight. Shows Hans with all his awards on 08.08.1918. He wear a one piece stamp version of the badge. Kind regards Alex
  14. A couple of days ago I got a small group of pictures from the german navy air service includes this one. This is a old postcard (not a modern reproduction) showing an see pilot and navy observer badge from Schaper. Great picture. Kind regards Alex
  15. And another not far away from Germany on the far east of Europa. It's a shame. Kind regards Alex