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  1. the award on the 7th place is likely a swedish Svärdsorden. Kind regards Alex
  2. I thought the Godet no. 10 from your listing is the badge you posted for Fergus on post #8. So I miss the one I posted on post #5. Kind regards Alex
  3. You have forgot the one I posted, Another navy airship badge is located at the Zeppelin museum at Zeppelinheim. Kind regards Alex
  4. It was just a commemorative badge like the air ship badges not a qualification badge. I don't know why they don't introduce a qualification badge like for pilots or observers during the war. Kind regards Alex
  5. Hi John, no one can say how many badges Godet sold. All numbers you heard are estimations. I know 3 badges in different museums. another 5-6 in collections and 2 on market over the last 10 years It seems that Godet badges were not very popular at that time. Kind regards Alex You mean this badge?
  6. Congratulations to this nice badges, especially to the full size Godet badge. Kind regards Alex
  7. Hanseatic Campaign

    This medals were allways made of silver except the gold version. The ribbon bar is not from the period. Kind regards Alex
  8. If you never seen something before, it is not a good sign. what brings you to buy this without any reference? I ask because, I will never buy something I don't have a good feeling and never seen before, especially when it was offered on a show. I don't have a good feeling on both badges. kind regards alex
  9. Something new from my collection. The MP from navy see pilot Fl.Mt. Heinrich Amen. Amen was with I. SFA from January 1917 and received the "Fliegerzulage" from 06.04.1918. Kind regards Alex
  10. interesting story. Nice to see both badges together. Kind regards alex
  11. Atatürk - The Father Of The Turks 1881-19∞

    Wellcome on this forum. Please keep in mind that this is a military forum not a platform for political discussion or glorify political leaders. This thread could turn in a controversial discussion. Kind regards Alex
  12. Not they don't have this patches officially, but as often at the Fliegertruppe they do what they wanted. Kind regards Alex

    • FOR SALE

    I offer this nice medal bar with 10 medals. All medals are in good condition without any repairs. Hohenzollern is a nice silber gilded Wagner piece. Most of the badges are stitched on the bar. Shipping costs extra on demand