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  1. Lovely. Takovo 2nd Class, I presume. Dragomir
  2. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President of the Republic Chancery of Orders Belgrade CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Kulenovic (son of Ahmed) Hajrudin, MD, Colonel of the Health Service, is the Holder of the Order for Military Merit with Grand Star, which was awarded to him by the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with his Decree No. 212 of December 22nd 1970. December 22, 1970. Head of the Chancerz (signed), Jovan Draca
  3. Sorry The rank of the awardee was captain. DA
  4. Royal Yugoslavian Order of the White Eagle 5th Class, awarded to Valerio L. Scarabellotto, Air Force lieutenant Dragomir
  5. I have some doubts regarding the badge depicted. First, it bears the coat of arms of the defunct Dynasty, which disappeared in 1903, some 13 years prior to alleged manufacturing. Second, it is the coat of arms of the Obrenovich Royal House, not of the Kingdom of Serbia itself (observe the ouroboros, shield form and the motto). Third, notwithstanding possible errors and lack of knowledge, France of Great War period was not that uninformed or desinformed to struck a wartime ally commemorative badge with wrong armorial bearings, Fourth, whoever did the job was not particularly skilled or informed about heraldry, otherways one could not explain the curious position of the cords binding the mantle (look at the inner part of the mantle!). Dragomir
  6. I do apologize for my (again) belated answer. In my age it is increasingly difficult to keep the pace with you boys. Regarding the group attributed to General Gruich, there was not any photo, but I am enclosing the text describing the group. Best regards, Dragomir
  7. My PC went down two weeks ago, and I was not able to communicate. Sorry! The Sotheby`s Auction I was referring to was one on Setember 12th 1989, and the Auction Lot was numbered 502. The illustration of that Lot follows. The next Lot 503 at the same Auction was attributed to General Sava Gruitch, with 9 decirations on the ribbon bar. Dragomir
  8. The alleged medal bar of King Alexander (Obrenovich) of Serbia is an "Old friend". It appeared for the first time about 20 years ago at Sotheby`s, but provided with insignia as well, and of course with the significant chinese ink written name at the back of the bar. At that time, I went directly to Sotheby`s to check the set, although the composition of the set was obviously ridiculous. I found that several items (Queen Draga Medal, in itself a buffoonery because King would not wear a female award, among other items, were cast! Although the work was very good indeed!). I warned the Auctioneer, they checked the items thoroughly, and the set was withdrawn from sale. Upon my return home, I was summoned to police for interrogation, because Sotheby`s placed Interpol request to investigate the person of the forgerer. I could not help, and never considered that it should be my duty, and the investigation was abandoned in due time. Some long memories... Dragomir
  9. The second one is Iraqi, I think. Dragomir
  10. Dear Serbman, Dear Paul, I am afraid that my influence and connections are far from being sufficient to untangle the mystery of St. Lazarus Collar! I would like very much to contribute, and to the extent that my abilities would allow, I am ready to try. However, I understand very well the standpoint of Paul Wood and the obligation to confidentiality he has to maintain. The hints that were offered in the correspondence so far were most welcome, and I shall try to follow that. What would the result be, however, remains to be seen. If one day the Collar emerges, nobody would be happier than me. Untill such day arives, let us hope! Dragomir
  11. As a matter of fact, it could not be a gift! The Law about Order of St. Lazarus was very, very short, and very, very explicit! That Order was be worn only by the King and his Crown Prince when of full age (for the Crown Prince full age was declared to be at 18, for all others at 21). There were, correspondingly, only two pieces made, and the third one was, allegedly, made in 1940 as a personal gift from Prince Regent Paul to the King Peter II to celebrate King`s coming if age, which was to come in 1941. The said third exemplar was mentioned only in memoirs of the the sculptor Ivan Meshtrovich, and by no one else. Dragomir
  12. Paul, Thank you so much. I can perhaps guess which "Princely Family" is in question (there are three> House of Baden, House of Hesse and the House of Toerring-Jettenbach, although only one of them comes to mind when you mentioned the age of the Head of the House!). However, the way that the insignia came to their possession eludes me. The Law is explicit that the insignia pertains only to the Reigning King of Serbia and to his Crown Prince when he comes of age! Nobody else was entitled to hold it, except as a sort of trust or as a temporary keeper in the name of the Holder. The first example was manufactured by Nicholas & Duncker of Hannau, in 1889. The second was made for Crown Prince George in 1904 (I do not know where), and later was transmitted to Crown Prince Alexander (later KIng Alexander I of Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and of Yugoslavia after 1929). The third piece was, allegedly, commissioned by Prince Regent Paul as his personal gift for the coming of age of King Peter II. Your information is precious. Thanks again, Dragomir
  13. Dear Paul, I was completely astounded to read that you had the opportunity to see St. Lazar collar in "an European princely residence" some 25 years ago! Out of two known (plus one reportedly made for the coming of age of King Peter II) sets, none was ever seen anywhere after the Belgrade bombing of April 6th 1941. If it is not a secret, may I ask you where that was. Best regards, Dragomir
  14. Absolutelu stunning! Thank you Antonio!
  15. The second is The Most Exalted Family Order of Trengganu. Dragomir