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  1. Thanks for all the help. Here’s an update photo. I’ve had to use a few repo items. Iron cross, cuff title, officers tress and paratroopers badge. Still need an Officers eagle and replace the ribbon board.
  2. Hi Uffz. Rohleder I've changed Ribbon board as per your suggestion. The picture is updated to include collar tabs and shoulder boards also. Ha I still have an incorrect ribbon board on. I'll see what turns up on the interweb.
  3. Just a update. I’ve added buttons, Brest eagle, ribbon board and sports badge. All original items though unsure about a few of the buttons. Waiting on purchased collar and shoulder boards to arrive from Belgium.
  4. Thanks guys. I’ve certainly learnt a lot about caps of the Germany through researching this cap. Not sure if I’m any closer to sorting what the cap is for as it has all the elements of the suggestions above. I let it sit for a few weeks then have another go at it.
  5. Thanks Stuka. Further information as follows. The colors are somewhat faded but looking at the underside are closer to orange white and light green. The manufacturer was a Jewish Tailor in Meschede Germany leaving Germany in 1934. The upper cockade is the German Reichskokarde and the lower is for the Prussian state. These are original to the cap as the interior lining is intact with an elaborate stitching pattern. Maybe for a Band member? State official? Rail?
  6. Hi I've recently purchased this Schirmmütze from an auction house on a wim. I can't find any pictures on the net that matches Cap colours. Can anyone help.
  7. Hi guys I've brought a stripped down tunic recently and want to reconstruct. I need advice on collar tabs, shoulder boards, ribbon board, awards, buttons, breast eagle, cuff title (one each side). The eagle and buttons are ones I already have. Should the buttons be silver? Let me know your thoughts. Gerard
  8. Thanks William for your information. German ww11 uniforms don’t turn up in New Zealand auctions very often. This Mantel wasn’t too expensive at around $200us. It is is good condition although I think the cuffs have been altered.
  9. Hi I have just brought this German police great coat and was hoping to find out more about it. Can any one help.
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