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  1. Excellent, thanks for the info Yup, I think you right, doing his inspections
  2. Hi, I found this the other day amongst a pile of postcards Back stamp reads: Many thanksVs019 Printed ink reads: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION BRITISH ? OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED THIS PHOTOGRAPH MUST NOT - I was wondering if anyone can recognise who's it it ? Many thanks
  3. Charliecheswick

    Strange military knife id

    Hi Simon No there are no markings at all, I just found this though, if you go down to the celluloid handles : http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/fighting_knives/theaterhistory.php
  4. Charliecheswick

    Strange military knife id

    He said it was a theatre knife, does that make any sense ?
  5. Hi, can anybody help identify this knife, It belonged to somebody who was in the raf, and was given to me, told it was from ww2 Can't find any info, doesn't' have any markings. The blade itself looks old I would like to sell it, but wouldn't know where to sell it to, or if it had a value I do like it though ! Many thanks
  6. Do you reckon it's worth trying to restore ? The red paints flaking off so will come off easy Am I to the understanding, that it was originally black ?
  7. Yeah I had a bad feeling that might have been the case !! And agree with you
  8. Hi can anybody help with this helmet, it is labelled inside pith helmet(tag), g reed (written) it looks like it has had white paint added at sometime, dont know if its always been white and red or if someone has added it (been white and red for a while) many thanks (sorry for the sideways pics, but they loaded like this, and cant change)