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  1. I knew that the soviets confiscated in september-october 1944 confiscated all the prototypes and plans for this vehicle. What about this?
  2. Romanian armored car - What model?

    If it's possible not to be romanian, I want to know what armored cars did Romania use during WW1?
  3. Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    So, the three variants would be Infantry Regiment Nr.24 or 2nd Imperial and Royal (Kaiserlich und Königlicht) Hungarian Infantry Regiment, both garrisoned in Kronstadt; or 3rd battalion of the Infantry Regiment Nr.23, garrisoned in Fogarasch? If these were infantry-only (rifles; no Jägers, no Feldjägers or Gendarmerie) regiments, the guy I'm looking for was probably a corporal? The rank matches, but that dark uniform is the thing that puzzles me. I've seen an almost identical uniform to a Feldjäger, so that is strange. Thank you!
  4. Romanian armored car - What model?

    The text is as old as the picture, so I would doubt it... still very strange
  5. Romanian armored car - What model?

    Thank you! But only one thing makes me think a bit: if the vehicle in the initial image is the future "Lotta", captured at Wilna, why does it have a romanian mention in the description, which translated in English would be "A recently captured Romanian armoured car before repair"/" Ein kurßlich erbeutetes rumänisches Panzer-Automobil vor der Reparatur" ? Is this the other vehicle?
  6. Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    Thank you very much! Now, as I know what units can I relate, I want to find out: what kind of units were constituting these divisions? And second one: where did these units fight, on what front? I would add that Cuciulata was part of the Fogarasch recruiting district, so I would connect them ratherly to the Infantry Regiment Nr.21, third batallion (the headquarters of this unit was in Hermenstadt, but the 3rd battalion was stationed in Fogarasch). So on what front did this unit fight and what kind of units were composing it?
  7. Romanian armored car - What model?

    Actually, I found out that this is a Hotchkiss Izhorsky armored car. Only two have been produced by the russians, both of them being captured in the summer of 1917 by the german army. One of them survived until 1919 and was used on the streets of Munich by the Freikorps. But how did it get before on romanian hands?
  8. Renault FT-17 light tank

    You were talking about Renault Ft17 tanks kept outside. What about this one? It's from the National Military Museum in Bucharest. Also, what model is it? I only know it was received by the Romanian army in 1919 together with other 90 vehicles in the first Romanian tank division.
  9. It is known that in November 1916, the Romanian army and autorities retreated from the capital, instead of oposing resistance. It is said that it was caused by some building owners who didn't want any sort of street fight to happen because their proprieties could be destroyed. My questin is what if, instead of giving up, Bucharest was defended by the army and defended until the bitter end? How long could the fortifications arround the capital resist (remember that the battle of Verdun was already taking place by many mounths, and the french forts rezisted decently) to the german attacks, and most importantly, how much time could the romanian army win to organize a stronger defence on the south of Moldavia, many german forces being occupied to besiege Bucharest? Below, there are two of the 36 forts and gun emplacements sorrounding Bucharest, constructed under the rule if Carol I by a belgian architect who also worked at Namur and Liege, these fortifications having the role to defend the capital by a potential attack.
  10. 20 of these tank destroyers have been produced during the war. Only one of them survived an is now exposed in the National Military Museum from Buchares. In what specific battles have been used and where have been destroyed, because most of them have been lost in battle or confiscated by the soviet authorities.
  11. Romanian armored car - What model?

    I tried to draw it frim the side. Is this useful? Sorry if it's not very good, I'm only 15
  12. Austro-Hungarian unknown uniform

    These two guys are from Cuciulata village, now in Brașov county. The closest cities/ towns where they could be conscripted would be Rupea, Făgăraș/Fogarasch and Brașov/Brasso/Kronstadt. So, from south-east Transylvania.
  13. Romanian armored car - What model?

    So what armored car model could it be?
  14. Romanian armored car - What model?

    Thank you very much! After a more detailed research, I found out that this is is indeed an Austin armoured car. It belongs to the third series, only one of these serving in the Romanian army during the war. Were there any other models used? I don't think there was only one armoured car in the army, probably were some other models too.
  15. I've seen this image on the internet and reminded me about armored vehicles were used by both sides during the battle of Mărăști, Mărășești and Oituz. What model is this armored car? Is it captured, received during the French Military Mission or from other source? Thank you very much!