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  1. Ribbon availability

    The Orders and Medals Society of America - 'OMSA' did the trick. I joined the society, contacted the manager of the 'ribbon bank' and my ribbons are on the way!! Many thanks again Peter!
  2. Ribbon availability

    Thank you!
  3. Ribbon availability

    Hello, I recently acquired a trio of Zimbabwe medals (Independence Medal. Liberation Medal Silver and Service Medal for 10 years service). Unfortunately, the Liberation Medal Silver has the ribbon of a Long and Exemplary Service Medal. Would any of you know where I could obtain a correct ribbon?
  4. Rhodesian GSM stolen

    Just a heads up to everyone, a GSM PR79762 was stolen recently here in Canada.
  5. Hello, Where would I begin to research what units my uncles were in? My father was in the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW2, but I have no idea what units my uncles were in. One, if memory serves correct was in an armoured unit in WW2 and the other I think was in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers in Korea. I would also like to research what medals they would have earned. Thank you!