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  1. Bernie Brule

    My new non-combattant medal bar

    Reverse. Note the small ring on the cross.
  2. Bernie Brule

    My new non-combattant medal bar

    A little late but here's mine.
  3. Bernie Brule

    KMST "Mouse trap"

    "Mouse trap" reverse.
  4. Hope you enjoy a few pics of my WW1 KMST "mouse trap" EK1.
  5. Bernie Brule

    Parade mount EK2

  6. I managed to pick this nice parade mount EK2 today for the collection by MM60 - Katz & Deyhle.
  7. Here's my eagle by Maybeur. Unfortunately, the catch is broken.
  8. Graham, Thanks so much for the information. A few words of explanation. Whether they are relevant, time will tell. As with all Commonwealth countries, Canada fought in the Boer War. Although the picture was taken in Canada, the Union Jack is the only flag flying because we did not get our own flag until 1967 when the British North America Act was replaced by the Canadian Charter. Before that, we flew the Union Jack at all official ceremonies. I have no idea where the picture comes from. I have a geneology folder that I keep bits and pieces of information that come my way about my and my wife's family. It was in there so I presume that it was given to me by a relative. Whether one of my relatives or that of my wife's remaines a mystery. I have two great uncles that fought in WW1 but they would have been too young to fight in the Boer war. I showed it to my father who is 82 and he did not recognize the picture or any of the people in it. My wife's mother and father are both deceased so I cannot ask anyone on her side of the family. Since it is in my possession, I am assuming that it is a Canadian unit and not British. Under that assumption, can you guess at what Canadian unit it might be? A lesson learned here: if you come into possession of family history, jot down all pertinent information about it when you file it.
  9. Giving this a try for a larger picture:
  10. Thanks Graham, I am unable to post a higher resolution picture. IE shuts down for some reason every time I try to do so... I have figured out that the letters on the front of the doctor's bag (2nd from left seated in front) spell "RIFLES". Wonder why I can't post another picture. Bernie
  11. Thanks for the replies.
  12. This picture is in my possession but I have no idea where it comes from. I suspect perhaps my wife's family. We are Canadian so I suspect that they are WW1 Canadian (or Bristish). Most interesting is the large man in the centre. Clergy perhaps? Any assistance would be most appreciated. Bernie
  13. Thank you Webr55. Isn't it interesting that a Dr. in agriculture would become a DKiG winner and eventually the commander of s.Pz.Abt. 503 "Feldherrenhalle".
  14. For those who are interested, I have found that Dr. Diest-K?ber did not win the KC. It was not approved. There is a thread on the axishistory forum where this is quite plainly stated by Dr. Dieter Zinke: http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php...on+diestkoerber