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  1. No more life here? :-)
  2. Never used, prototype only :-)
  3. toshik


    Top row #1 and 3, everything else can go, some is not even Soviet
  4. This was a prototype uniform with epaulettes based on Russian Imperial one, for Victory Parade of 1945 which never went into production :-) This is how the legends come to life!
  5. Can we see the close-ups please (collar tabs, cuffs insignia, buttons etc.)? There is no way of telling anything based on this tiny picture.
  6. I'd like to lift up the 8-years old thread - the picture from post #2 does not come up, I'd like to know how the 1945-1955 boards looked like. From what I found 1955+ were the copies of M46 Soviet ones (6 cornered with stars). What was in between?