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    Hi Guys, Looking to expand my collection of German Imperial shoulder straps and boards. If you have any for sale or trade please contact me. Cheers, Tom


  2. Yes some really nice caps. If at one time you have a Bavarian Jaeger cap to spare please let me know.
  3. Nice straps Gentlemen - Bavarian Jaegers rock!
  4. Nice tunics. I am still looking for one at a good price.
  5. @lilnuke that looks like a fantastic medal bar.
  6. Any development on a reprint? Looking for a copy myself.
  7. As with a lot of things it is a question of money. If you can spare the money buy an original period piece - there is nothing better and there will be no need to upgrade at a later date. But as these originals are very expensive (compared to most other medals) one may not have the money for it - in that case you can either not get a PLM (do you really need one?) or, if you must have one but do not have the cash for the real deal, you can go for a wearer's copy as the best alternative. In any case be patient most things turn up in one or two years. There is no shortage of original PLMs if you have the cash for it.
  8. @ chip - beautiful boards! I just marked the ones I would like to have with a cross. Also what exactly are those two boards which I have marked with a question mark? Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. @ Andy Sehr schoen! Here are some of mine. Enjoy!
  10. @ Chris - Fantastic! Please show some more shots of your Bavarian Jaeger - I am looking for this type of tunic to add to my collection. I am not sure why but I find this blue green combo very attractive.
  11. That is a tunic for HR7. Is it original? I am not sure - the interior gives me pause. Attilas are not hard to come by so I would wait for another.