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  1. The white custodian helmet is still worn today. Some cities,like Milano,have reintroduced the black custodian helmet for some services and cerimonies.
  2. In 1968 arrived several changes for the Municipal Police forces of Italy. In all country the black custodian helmet was replaced from a white helmet also in winter for greater visibility. In 70s the withe helmet become plastic (before was cork with a cloth cover). Here the plastic model "Milano" The model "Roma" And the model "Firenze" The white uniform for summer was discarged; only Rome and few cities keep the white coat (now in cotton/polyester) with black (and from 80s blue) trousers. In other cities the new summer uniform was in light blue frescos or shirt and trousers combination.
  3. Milan was the last Italian city in which the Officers dress in summer in a standup collar white tunic. The Others cities switch to a white open collar coat from late 40s. The iconic Milanese summer tunic remained in use until 1968. Here another Milanese feature,the armband for the sleeve that designed an officer in service. Was abolished in early 50s:
  4. Now the Italian custodian helmet. The model "Milano" ( the most widespread model in Italy): The "Milano" was created in early 20s and is since unchangend in shape. This is the summer "Milano" model,in white: Here in 2010s Milanese Officers in full dress with the "Milano" custodian helmet The second is the model "Roma". Was created in 1957 and was used in Rome and some lazio's cities. Here the winter model: Here the summer white model:
  5. In Rome until 1957 Officer wear helmet in tropical style,black in winter and white in summer: In 1958 the shape of helmet changed to a British custodian helmet style. Here the 1958 uniform. The Rome white summer uniform Some pictures from 60s:
  6. Click to choose files After the war the principal change was the adoption of a open collar tunic with white shirt and black tie. Here two Milanese Officer in 50s: Here to Milanese Officers in early 60s A Milanese Officer in mid 60s: A Officer of the Messina (Sicily) Force in late 40s: A group of Officers with a Sergeant in Messina in mid 60s. Two Officers in Palermo in early 60s:
  7. These are a Florentine Officers in 30s. In the first image the Officer stop the trafic,in the second in in patrol service on the streets of Florence in summer. Note as the Florentine tunic is very similiar to contemporary Police British tunics. Florence was a very Anglophile city and the British expatriates community was numerous.
  8. This is a Milanese Officer in early 30s. Here in overcoat And here in white summer uniform These are the standard uniforms for winter and summer of the Municipal Forces of Italian cities in 30s. The custodian helmet was in Milanese style (black or white):
  9. Hello,i'm Carmelo from Italy. Can be curiosity to know that in Italy the Municipal Police Forces of the various cities had adopted from 1890s a British style for their uniforms. Also today a custodian helmet in white plastic is still wear from the Officers in many cities. The first City to adopt the British style for the uniforms of Municipal Police was Milan. This is a Milanese Officer 1860s circa: In 1890s Municipal authority of Milan adopted a new style of uniform inspired by the City London Police: This style was following from almost all Italian cities. This is a Venetian officer in 1900 circa: This another Officer in a unidentified Italian city in 1910 circa. In 1920s The Municipal Police of Milano adopted new uniforms; These were black serge in winter and white cotton in summer. Note the striped armband ( white and red) on the sleeve of the tunic.
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