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  1. First from the right, Gen. baron Danloy.
  2. DaNang1966

    Cap tally of the TNA Kamina

    Very nice cap! I own an original mirror that can out one of the cabins when the Kamina was scrapped.
  3. @ Michael R - I noticed that you are a RN collector. What period do you focus on? I collect WWII uniforms and have quite a large collection.
  4. Hi Ricardo, I have a couple or original WWII ones - will make some photographs and post them. Best regards, DaNang1966
  5. These are just great - still looking for a set myself...
  6. DaNang1966

    Belgian Soldier Medals Group

    A question to pegasus1831: why is the France & Germany Star on the SAS member's grouping different from the one mounted on the 6-medal bar? They certainly do not look the same...