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  1. Uploading more pages from the Militärpaß for reference.These I think are the last pages.
  2. It seems I posted one of the above photos which is the same as before, sorry. I do not know what is happening, keep uploading the same file.
  3. Thank you Dave for this useful information.
  4. I have all the pages, but I am afraid they are mixed during photographing them. Eventually I will post all, I hope. again thank you ALL for your time and help. Hi Dave, thank you for joining, what do you mean "Despite being born in Dessau and being wounded and decorated with the Iron Cross, he did not receive the Friedrich Cross for some reason." why why was he entitled to this cross after all. . Alf.
  5. Thank you, I just thought not be rude and impose being not an easy task.
  6. Wow, Thank you Andy, that is great and I appreciated very much.Can I upload another 2 pages please? Alf.
  7. My first post, I have this Militärpaß I wish to have some translations to its' contents, no need to be precise, but just a general idea what it is written. My first 2 photos, if there are replies and I have permission I will post more . Thanks for any help. Alf