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  1. Hi all, I have been looking for a site like this! I am the great, great nephew of Jack Nicholls 32746 Machine Gun Corel. I was fortunate to know Jack. I remember him being frail and I was scared of him. This was I was young (he died when I was 5 years old)and he had a sound box (early hearing aid) in the middle of his chest. Jack spent a lot of his time with my Grandparents and I think he was the older (or younger) brother to my Great Grandmother. I was very fortunate not only knowing Jack, but also his two sisters (Aunt Kate) and Great Grandmother (Edith) and her husband my Great Grandfather Don were alive until I was 15. Jack died when I was five so I never got to speak with him about his experiences, my Dad knew he won a decent medal for blowing up a machine gun post in France! Due to being the oldest offspring of the oldest offspring gave me great opportunity to speak with a number WW1 and WW2 family and friend veterans over the years but I have struggled to know what Jack did to win his medals. I have read a good book from the library called ‘Under the Devil’s Eye’, which is a great account of the Salonika Campaign. There is no reference but from my understanding as Jack was one of two Lewis Gun operators he won he medals for supporting the withdrawal of attack on 8th May 1917 at the battle of Dorian. It mentions in the book about how a lone machine gunner gave covering fire whilst the rememants of attack withdrew. The losses were huge that day some c550 British casualties with minimal Bulgarian losses. From what I know of Jack, sadly he has no surviving family. He wife and Son died before I was born. Interestingly he was mentioned a few times in London Gazette winning his medals. He won these medals at different ranks. He does seem to be busted down in rank a few times. This does not surprise me as my Dad knew him as full of fun, when he was growing up. Always mucking around. I enclose the pictures of the medals. Order of the Star of KaraÄ‘orÄ‘e with Swords (Gold) (front and back) and Miltary Medal. The picture I believe he was in the middle as he was acting corporal when he won the medal in 1917, so would of been Lance Corporal (1 stripe). I also include his dispatches. As you will see in his dispatches it mentions him bringing back his Lewis Gun. Crazy thing is if he did not bring his gun back he could of been punished! Anyone else have similar stories, I would be interested to hear. I did see there was another winner of the same medal from Ipswich. Not sure if that was the other Lewis Gunner or part of his team.