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  1. Hi Stuka, Many thanks for your advice re email addresses, and for telling me how to get in touch with another Member. I'm new to all this. Magnus
  2. Magnus McLeod

    Kimberley Star group

    Thomas, Sixty years ago while serving in the Royal Rhodesia Regiment I was issued on occasion with one of a small number of 1897 Wilkinson infantry officers' swords in black leather scabbards with black 'ribbon' sword knots. For decades I have very much wanted to buy one. I understand from posts regarding the late Mervyn Mitton's examples that you have one. If so, I would be very glad indeed to make you an offer for it. Please, if you will, get in touch with me. My email address is magnus@magnusmcleod.com . My grandfather, GE McLeod, was in the siege of Ladysmith, and his brother, ON McLeod, was at the same time besieged in Kimberley. I knew them both very well. My grandfather retired from his farm in Rhodesia to Plettenberg Bay, and once in the early fifties when we were visiting him he offered to show me his Boer War medals, only to discover the box in which he had kept them was empty. My great uncle Norman (ON McL) went on to command Settle's Scouts. With my best wishes, Magnus
  3. Peter, Thank you for your reply, and for the swordforum email address. And for your good wishes for my hunt. Craig has kindly sorted out my problems, so now I shall return to the charge. I would like to make an offer to a Member who has one of the swords, and the next thing is to find out how to contact him. I guess attaching a post to his latest and offering my email address might be my best bet. In case you ever want to use it, it's magnus@magnusmcleod.com I don't spend my life on the web because I'm actually very busy. Decided as an undergraduate that I would spend my retirement building a ship model, and began 13 years ago. Calculated once that I was going to have to live to be 151 to finish, so I'm doing what I can to keep fit ... But it's such fun! Happily my wife is equally busy. First job this morning was to go out and find some red roses for her: it's sixty years to the day since we first met. I must leave you in peace! Magnus
  4. Craig, Thank you again, very much indeed, for your support. Magnus.
  5. Peter, Thank you for your reply, and for your kind welcome to the GMIC. It's my first venture onto the web. I've avoided a web presence, and an IPhone, and all that jazz. I'm nearly 79 and life's too short... And I'm too busy with reality. I must leave you in peace. No, please could I ask another question? I attached my post to the relevant bit of the late Mervyn Mitton's site (I think), but maybe that's not the best spot to bring my question to the attention of members interested in swords. Do you have any advice, please? Magnus
  6. Hello Peter, How kind of you to reply! As you can probably see, I'm new to the GMIC, and it felt a bit like putting a note in a bottle and throwing it over the side. As you're a Moderator, may I please put a problem to you? I am new to joining a net entity, and made up a foolishly complicated password, which the GMIC says is wrong when I try to use it. I guess I wrote it down wrongly in my notes. I was asked to give my location as a substitute, and was a bit surprised to see it up next to my post. I'd like to change my password to something simpler, and, although it doesn't really matter, maybe limit my location to Kent, England. Could you tell me how to do this, please? Ah, I've just noticed 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page. I'll try that. Thank you again, very much indeed, for your kind reply. Magnus
  7. I was deeply interested to see Mervyn Mitton's 2009 post about his 1897 BSAP swords. Between 1958 and 1960 I was issued with swords identical to his Wilkinson 79837 when serving in the Royal Rhodesia Regiment. We were a Territorial Army unit, affiliated to the KRRC, and on ceremonial occasions carried standard (not Rifle Regiment) Wilkinson ER II infantry swords, but in black leather scabbards. We drew our swords from the very small number of nearly new swords held in the Drill Hall in Salisbury, as it was. The BSAP was in fact a brown leather outfit, with brilliantly polished brown leather boots and gaiters, belts and cap straps. They were a mounted force, with 'troopers' rather than 'constables'. I was once shown an officer's 1912 pattern sabre in a brown scabbard. Sixty years on I have a great longing to own an ex-Rhodesian '97 sword in a black scabbard, with its ER II cipher intact. Does anyone know what has become of Mervyn's examples, or of any other, that I might be able to purchase? I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Magnus McLeod