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  1. skippy

    Austrian uniforms

    greetings bcalkins and Bayern Thank you for your responds. I didn't reply sooner as I was down with my health. I had no idea that the regiment can be identified by the color of the collar, cuffs. I think that Bayern might be on to something as the collar, cuffs color does match the remaining once light blue on my tunic. Not saying that bcalkins is wrong, his description was in detail and very usable. Yes bcalkins, you are right my tunic is before 1908. I went a step further and since I know that Germans, Austrians and so fourth are very particular in having the correct historical uniforms for "schuetzen fest - carnival" and so on (as I lived there for some time) I went to Ytube and looked up the uniform described by Bayern. The same uniform was present in one of the fests and I could now see what type of full dress uniform was for my tunic with hat and trousers. They had many Austro - Hungarian uniforms including the "Wiener regiment Number 4" which looked identical to my tunic except the collar, cuffs blue was to dark. There are also old movies from the 40's-50's that have the same coloring as mine. It is worth looking at. After looking at this I do believe that the tunic is from "Kuk Infantry Regiment Hoch und Deutschmeister Number 4". I however didn't know that Germans carried the same white stars or stars at all on the collar as is on my tunic. I thought this was more of stickily "Austro - Hungarian" thing. I was wrong. I wish to thank you both for your assistance and time. Skip
  2. skippy

    Austrian uniforms

    Greetings, I'm new to this forum. I have an Astro – Hungarian tunic I believe it could be an early Feldwebel – Cadet musician tunic from my research. Ca. 1913 the collar insignia changed from celluloid to gold / white etc. metallic lace material. This is really all I found out of the tunic. There are so many ranks and branch of service it's hard to keep with, I hope somebody could give me more information. The piping’s were at one time a darker blue than shown here. I stumbled on this site while I was researching this tunic and would like to post it to this forum. Thank You Skip