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  1. Hi Odulf, 

    I just joined this group. Trying to help my husband buy a Dutch resistance cross. His father's cross was given to another sibling and it means a lot for him to have a similar collection for our kids. The Dutch website that you refer to is not available for us as we live in Canada. If you see a cross for sale, would you kindly refer me to it.

    Regards, Mrs Broersma


    1. Odulf


      Dear Mrs Boersma,

      These crosses are on the market. Below I am sending you a linkt to a Dutch digital market (Marktplaats) where such a cross is on offer. As it is an auction site the current offer is 118 Euros, but the accepted price is expected to be higher.

      I can do the bidding for you, but I don't know how much you are prepared to pay.

      The cross is original and in it's original box with the littje ribbon bar for daily wear.