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  1. Thank you very much, Demir! So far I have "Ottoman Medals and Orders. Documented History". Soon I will buy the other books, including your!
  2. Hello Demir, In one of the pinned topics you recommend 3 other books on Turkish orders and medals. If I had all 4 books, do you think it's enough or do you recommend any other books? Cheers, Albert
  3. Guys, on the third photo we indeed see Manfred von Richthofen, but not on the right - he's on the left The guy on the right is Hans Klein. Cheers, Albert
  4. Hi, Germans captured some Whippets, two of them in running condition. They were only tested by German army, not used in battle. Of all captured tanks only British Mark IV tanks were used by them operationally. However, one Whippet was used by the Freikorps after the war. Albert
  5. Thank you very much, Walter. Guys, correct me if I'm wrong. There were: - 685 PLMs; - 2 PLMs with Oak Leaves awarded at the same time (for the Emperor of Austria and the King of Bułgaria); - 120 Oak Leaves awarded after PLMs. So there were 687 PLMs and 122 Oak Leaves in total.
  6. Dave, thank you, I know about this, but is it realiable? I'm interested in both a number of PLMs (in different sources from 685 to 691) and Oak Leaves to PLM (121-122? In Hamelman's book only 109 IIRC, but surely too few).
  7. Hello Gents, I know this question may look stupid for experts like you, because PLM is the most famous German order, but I found different numbers regarding how many PLM and Oak Leaves were awarded during WW1. Is it possible to say, without any doubt, what is the correct answer to this question? Cheers, Albert
  8. Hello Gents, my first post here I bought Neal W. O'Connor's opus magnum and was never the same again Imperial German military awards became one of my main hobbies (I'm generally interested in WW1, especially aviation, tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles). Recently I found out that there is a great book by Eric Ludvigsen on statistics regarding Prussian and other awards during WW1. Is there any chance to buy it? Cheers, Albert