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  1. New on the forum so not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I know the Victorian era Met. Police had Webley revolvers available for issue. My question is, when they were issued for use were there holsters issued with them or were they simply slipped into a pocket? If they did have holsters available, does anyone have a photo of one?
  2. Thanks to you both for the information. I will have some interesting research to do.
  3. I am in the USA and recently purchased a South Africa Medal issued to 1775 Pte. J McCue 90th Foot. I generally collect US medals but have a few British medals. Where can I obtain information on the recipient? Many years ago I had contact with a researcher who provided me with a lot of documentation on my Crimea pair that confirmed my recipient as a Heavy Brigade charger, unfortunately I no longer have his address
  4. Mr. Storey no longer makes the Whitechapel helmet badge. I contacted him recently and he stated he had sold the mould. No word on who has it or if they are producing the plates. Does anyone know of another source for these?
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