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  1. Thanks Chris. There do seem to be quite a few photos of DSWA schutztruppen around so hoping that someone might have a clue? Cheers, Allan PS still keen on seeing your Alpine photos with kS98s in action!
  2. Hello everyone Does anyone have any definitive evidence as to when kS98 started to be issued to DSWA troops. I have heard it mentioned that it was around 1910 but without any proof. I am hoping that it might be possible to put a date on this from photographic evidence? The year stamp on the back of the kS98 blade is of no value whatsoever in this instance. Best wishes, Allan New Zealand
  3. Hello Chris

    Have been trying to track down a contact address for you. I am writing a small book on the kS98 bayonet and I believe that you have a very nice set of photos showing the kS98 on Bavarian troops in one of their Schneeschuhbataillone. Would it be possible to use one of two of these in the book?

    Please have a look at this site http://www.imperial-german-bayonets.net to see my previous imperial bayonet books under the pen name of Ian Jackson.

    Best wishes,

    1. IGB


      Hello Chris

      Any progress on digging out those Schneeschuhbataillone photos?




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