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  1. Hi Steve thanks as usual for your reply i would like to email you the advert that I bought from for your opinion. i don’t really want to place it on the forum, for all to see as it’s such a well known uk site and I would not want to make public any discord, or tarnish the company’s name as I might be wrong . is it possible to email you off forum? Best Wishes Martin
  2. Hi Steve , a final summary from walhalla. i received a lot of opinions , regarding the camo , it seems to be a Normandy variant. there was also negative ( but constructive) feedback : the Helmet has been “cleaned up” to the exterior the decal has been “dug out “ to a degree. the liner pins look to be bent. and the liner although original is not original to the helmet. dipapointing to say the least especially as I bought it from one of the top uk dealers. pictures below are of the helmet internal. another lesson I’ve learnt Martin
  3. Hi Steve just an update , I’ve joined walhalla as you suggested my god , those guys are intense with detail , but brilliant, discussions are on going , but it looks to be more a Normandie I will Give you a summary of the final decisions best wishes Martin
  4. Sorry Steve I told you wrong the liner band is early un re-unforced
  5. Hi again Steve i really appreciate your time and knowledge. im sure it’s 3568 but the liner is an early reinforced alloy. there is no sign of a dome stamp. thanks again Steve , really appreciated i will also look on the website you recommended to get more opinions as to the camo location Best wishes martin
  6. Thanks Jerry i value your opinion. it definitely has age to it and quality. best wishes Martin i will post some better pictures
  7. Problem solved but I still need to post the pics one at a time best wishes martin
  8. Morning steve and a big thank you for your reply as a new member it’s means a lot to get some feedback. im having trouble with my photo compression app this morning but will post some more pics asap cheers Steve martin
  9. Might anyone be able to advice or offer any ideas of where this single decal M35 Helmet might have seen action from the camo colour. i would like to think it might be a DAK ? i will post more pictures if anyone is interested, I’m only able to post one at a time thank you martin 2
  10. Evening Gentlemen please see below pictures of a tin that I found at an antique centre recently. really well made, no hinge on the lid and epns marked to the base . no princess Mary bust , replaced with 1914 my research has turned up the fact that it was made at the end of the First World War as a commemorative souvenir please could anyone give me any more information and any ideas on value as I might want to sell it please see pictures Best wishes Martin 2
  11. Thanks trooper my new rule of thumb is , if your not happy 100% with a piece don’t buy it , leave it for the guy who will be happy with it as it is Best Wishes Martin2
  12. Dear all , I have a sad tale. i recently aqquired a lovely late war M42 , slate grey aluminium oxide finish nice liner rivers and washers all good. No chin strap but hey ho. one little niggle was one rivet was no t as tight as it could be. ” I can sort that “ I thought , one trip to the hardware shop and I had my G CLAMP !!! You must be starting to sweat now. i carefully glued ply to both jaws , the piece that went over the exterior river head I counter sunk so as not to damage the dome. clamp carefully positioned I started to tighten , slowly, slowly,,, i then felt something very slightly give. yep you’ve guessed it . A tiny crease had been created. why am I telling you this and laying myself wide open to doubtless abuse? as a warning to anyone who thinks they can in some way enhance a piece, DONT DO IT!!!! its still a lovely M42 but I’ve damaged it . Gutted ps I also have a lovely camo single decal combat M35 , the only thing is it’s got a few drips of paint from being under a Work bench or similar ,, perhaps I can remove them ?,,,,,,,,, WILL I HECK AS LIKE !!!!!!!! lesson learnt
  13. Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Afternoon Gents ive now managed to sort the photo upload problem I was having . this is the Japanese “ collaborators “ arm band next to a desert spoon for scale , any thoughts or comments appreciated martin2
  14. Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Thank you bayern i will have a look
  15. Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Good afternoon to all. this is my first posting so please bear with me. At the weekend I bought a few pieces of Militaria from a lovely old gentleman that were brought back by his uncle who had landed in Normandy. as I was leaving he asked if I was interested in Japanese Militaria, i saidI would have a look and he fetched the arm band that I hope you can see below. the only similar item I can find on the net is a miniature reproduction which is identical and listed as a collaborators arm band. has any one come across one of these in the past ? And any ideas on value ? my thanks in anticipation Martin 2 p.s I’ve just tried to add the picture but the file is to big but it’s white nylon I think with rising sun no rays coming outwards just a red blob if you like