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  1. Martin2

    M1 opinions required

    Just read your reply regarding the M1 again Steve , I’d missed the the bit about the dent coming out easy like my loose pin easy fix scenario , just off to my little workshop now ,,,,,, not
  2. Hello again mr West ive been trying to upload pictures of the pin now that I have the award but for some reason I’m not having any luck so far . however , I can tell you that the pin is straight rather than having a slight crook before the long straight if that makes sense. so I presume it to be a replacement. the pin does look to me to be of the same period as the badge , perhaps damaged in service and then later repaired ? i will still try to send a picture many thanks martin2
  3. Hi Laurentius thank you so much for your help best wishes martin
  4. Hi Stuka ive read the link wow , now that was a result , might try to find up the episode to watch. i guess that over the years I’ve also had some wonderful and valuable finds , not Militaria related. when I first started work , I was just levelling the base of some foundations and a million to one chance found a beautiful pair of knapped flint axe heads. and as a metal detectorist , I have found many beautiful coins and artefacts so I guess I shouldn’t grumble
  5. Morning Mr Temple-West thank you again for your help. i haven’t received the badge yet and I’m away for the week but will post some pictures of the pin when I return. i guess a replaced pin is not the end of the world on such a nice piece ? best wishes Martin
  6. Well that got your attention did it not ! ok , no I haven’t just found a nice SS DD M35 in a skip , but I have seen posts of people saying that they would rather get their collectibles from skips than pay the silly money required to buy these items . now i’m A builder and deal with skips on a regular basis but , as yet I’ve not picked out a nice German helmet of any type. i own three nice German helmets , which yes I have payed silly money for . collecting German helmets is a rich mans Hobby and I’m not a rich man so I will stop at three. I fear that if I had waited for these items to turn up in a skip , I may have gone to my grave disappointed . i don’t doubt for a minute that people have made such finds and the reason for this post is that I think it would be interesting to hear what people have found !. especially guys like spasm who have the skills to transform a rusty old lid into a battle fresh piece with 75 years of patina. cheers all
  7. Dear all i recently posted an infantry assault badge that I had bought thanks to J Temple west , I learned it was a fake . i got a full refund from the dealer and have now bought this one described as BH Mayer/schickle weather that means one or the other i’m Not sure . Also described as tombak any thoughts or opinions appreciated. i presume it is an early war of reasonable quality ? best wishes martin p.s did these “stamped” badges not have maker marks ?
  8. I really appreciate your experience and advice thank you very much martin
  9. Martin2

    Show us your M-1 Helmets!

    Hello Duarte 1223 you obviously know your American helmets. ive had a post on for a while now asking for advice on my single M1 helmet , please could you have a look and see what you think of it ? the posting is just above yours (Martin 2) thank you martin
  10. Evening all please see below two pics of an infantry assault badge that I bought today total novice to these and trusted the dealers word it is marked L/50 I think do you think it’s good ? Any info on the maker , can’t find it in the little red book , please advise best wishes martin
  11. Evening Gents please see below pics of an M1 that I purchased in the week. my first American helmet front seam , swivel bails. in your expert opinions , is it WW2 ? and do you think the leather chinstrap is original? also the batch number is 900 F do any of you know the year of manufacture plus the manufacturer? also does the shell finish look like the correct cork finish ? thank you martin
  12. Martin2

    Show us your M-1 Helmets!

    Evening gents please have a look at the pics of my first American helmet. it appears to be Ww2 ? the batch number is 900 F ive tried to find a website that I can date it from plus the manufacturer but I’ve had no luck . can anyone help me out with this please. also do you think the leather chin strap is original , there are no stamps on the inside of the rivets or inside the chin strap clip. many thanks Martin
  13. Hi Fritz what was the outcome with your dagger ? martin