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  1. Evening Gents please see below pics of an M1 that I purchased in the week. my first American helmet front seam , swivel bails. in your expert opinions , is it WW2 ? and do you think the leather chinstrap is original? also the batch number is 900 F do any of you know the year of manufacture plus the manufacturer? also does the shell finish look like the correct cork finish ? thank you martin
  2. Martin2

    Show us your M-1 Helmets!

    Evening gents please have a look at the pics of my first American helmet. it appears to be Ww2 ? the batch number is 900 F ive tried to find a website that I can date it from plus the manufacturer but I’ve had no luck . can anyone help me out with this please. also do you think the leather chin strap is original , there are no stamps on the inside of the rivets or inside the chin strap clip. many thanks Martin
  3. Morning Gents just a few quick pictures of my latest m35 was unable to upload any more pictures but can post some more later if anyone requests. all opinions appreciated best wishes Martin 2
  4. Hi Fritz what was the outcome with your dagger ? martin
  5. Hi Paul thanks for your reply . shrapnel , glancing bullet strike , pick axe , we will never know but as you say a great piece of WW2 history and I feel lucky to be its present keeper cheers Paul martin
  6. I’m no expert , but I would have thought with the nice condition, vertical hanger and certificate , a serious collector would be happy to part with £2500 martin
  7. Hello Fritz a real shame you have to sell such a wonderful piece of your family’s history. a really valuable item with great provenance. And looking at the certificate , your uncle brought some other cool stuff home with the dagger ! just make sure you find a collector to sell to rather than a dealer i hope you get the high price it deserves Best of luck Fritz martin2
  8. Hi Steve Ha Ha like it , I thought it might be more a case of a b/u11-s.h-1t strike rather than the old H-RTS230/245 . thanks as usual for your valued opinion. as you know I do like to add my personal touch so I’m just off to Halfords to get a spray can of green gloss , apple green of course ! soon bring that baby back to life !! as a fellow restorer you will know what I mean ;/ Best Wishes Martin
  9. Hi Steve thanks for your reply , yes your right an ET 64 shell . the rivet heads look a little bit to good , we all know that it’s quite often the case that the paint remains on the rivet heads so I don’t know . until I bought it I was not aware of roller buckles , have you or anyone else come across them ? I have looked into this and it matches pictures of other examples. oh and Steve , what’s an H-RTS230/245 ? as is often the case the pictures don’t really do it justice here are three more that may or may not be better Best Wishes Martin
  10. Hi all any ideas on the date of this 30 calibre. ive been told you can date from the serial number , but I’ve had no luck many thanks Martin
  11. Hi all any ideas on make and model of machine gun that would have been mounted on this ? martin
  12. Martin2

    Medium machine gun tripod ID

    Hi Simon really appreciate your reply . i have googled it and yes I think you are spot on. i am thinking of selling it , do you have any idea of value? thanks again for your help Best wishes Martin
  13. Evening all please have a look at the pics of a Ww2 mp40 four cell mag pouch . is it right ? all opinions much appreciated martin
  14. Martin2

    Little Helmets

    Yep , I’ll be back sooner than yah think with something I’ve bought , hammered out , painted and f*~@d up shortly , on the case now martin
  15. Martin2

    Little Helmets

    Yo mr spasm such detail on such a small scale ! awesome !! best Wishes the helmet terminator
  16. Years ago I acquired from a mate at school a Luftwaffe marksmans lanyard. Sadly lost it in a fire in my parents loft after leaving home and not taking my small collection with me. ive always since fancied collecting the Heer equivalents , did t come in three grades ? and what sort of value or cost to purchase in each grade ? thank you martin2
  17. Martin2

    Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Thanks Japan x and Mickey, its certainly proved to be a controversial piece , from adamant fake to adamant genuine from a number of “in the knows” at the end of the day an interesting piece from a genuine source that I payed a fiver for one of those that we will never know for sure pieces I think thanks again martin
  18. Martin2

    Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Good afternoon to all. this is my first posting so please bear with me. At the weekend I bought a few pieces of Militaria from a lovely old gentleman that were brought back by his uncle who had landed in Normandy. as I was leaving he asked if I was interested in Japanese Militaria, i saidI would have a look and he fetched the arm band that I hope you can see below. the only similar item I can find on the net is a miniature reproduction which is identical and listed as a collaborators arm band. has any one come across one of these in the past ? And any ideas on value ? my thanks in anticipation Martin 2 p.s I’ve just tried to add the picture but the file is to big but it’s white nylon I think with rising sun no rays coming outwards just a red blob if you like
  19. Now that’s ! The stuff I need to know, thanks Bayern!!! this German Militaria collecting is a Nightmare!!!!!!!!!
  20. Thanks Jim much appreciated martin
  21. Evening gents ive just received this first class 1939 the pin seems to be marked with a seven patina on the mount and a join seem I visible on some faces but in general not visible i know the pics are poor but I was just browsing this section of the forum and saw a fake horror story and have done “on the lap “ pics but will post more if required. any info appreciated many thanks Martin2
  22. Thank you Jim i paid £196 for it , can you or anyone else offer an opinion as to weather that’s a high price or about right ? and thanks for the link Jim best wishes
  23. I’ve now had a read Eddie teally interesting and informative thanks again martin
  24. Thanks again Eddie ive not read the link yet so that’s why I hadn’t seen the link regarding fakes , but I look forward to looking at it later and learning from what you’ve found up for me i really appreciate your help Best wishes Martin
  25. Martin2

    Japanese “collabortors” armband

    Hi japan x i only Going on what I saw on eBay i recently went down to the monthly Militaria fair at Chatham in Kent , I asked around and everyone pointed me to this one dealer who was hot on Japanese. he said that the material was right and that he did not doubt the authenticity. many thanks Martin