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  1. Sorry for being a bit snappy. I guess I'm used to quick responses from other forums and reddit. The only boxes I have that are visually interesting are the Japanese ones. I have a bunch of original American WW II era stuff that was never issued and are are still in their blue cardboard boxes but its nothing really to look at. I might put those in wallets then.
  2. So have I not followed proper decorum or are you not that social?
  3. Should you keep the medal separate from its presentation box and in a medal wallet? Or is it fine to just leave it in its proper box?
  4. Broletariat

    Italian Victory Medals

    And I got it to work. I'm pretty sure it's a type 1.
  5. Broletariat

    Italian Victory Medals

    Hello all, I just joined the forums and I was going to show off my most recent find. It just came in the mail today. I'm running into error message with the heading, "-200".