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  1. Hehe, thank you Hans! It´s getting more and more difficult (and more and more expensive) to get the ones I need to complete my collection... ___________________________________________________________________ Here is a really rare widow-cross from 1939 but made as a 1941 cross with engraved year. I have never before seen this variation.
  2. Hi! Here is my little collection of finnish liberty crosses (Vapaudenristi). 1918 crosses. I still miss VR1 with swords, VR2 without swords, VR3 with red cross and VM1 with red cross. 1939 crosses. Still miss both VR1 with and without swords, VR2 without swords. The VM1 medal with red cross is awarded in 34 pieces! 1941 crosses I still need both VR1 with and without swords. As you can see I have the crosses with both homefront ribbon and war-ribbons. Crosses without year on reverse. Awarded after WW2. There are alot of these I miss in my Collection. VR1 with and without swords VR2 with swords and rosette VR3 with red cross (awarded 6 times) VR4 with swords and rosette VR4 without swords And variants of the medals. The breast star is awarded in only 7 pieces!
  3. Thanks for your reply Hans! I have heard of that list but I did not know he has passed away. That´s a real shame if the list is gone forever...
  4. Hello! Does anyone have any idea on how to find out the name of the person receiving this medal with no. 136? I have tried to contact the people on www.svenskafrivilliga.com without any luck...
  5. Nice ones! What other crosses do you have?
  6. Thank you stormrider! I have only collected the last there years or so. But I am fortunate enough to have good connections. I have no Idea who manufactured the grand crosses. If its german made or by A Tillander. The earliest Liberty crosses are made in german i think. The grand cross is not in my collection. They are way to expensive for me. I only have the medalj in the pictures. And some duplicates for trade/sale.
  7. Liberty crosses without swords and with blue enamel is civilian crosses. Crosses with red cross is always awarded without swords. There are two exceptions that I know of. One VR2 1939 and one VR3 or VR4 (I don’t remember) without year that was awarded recently by mistake. It was supposed to be without swords but they didnt correct it for some reason.
  8. Nice collection! Is that a VM2 1939 miniature? They are kind of rare. The liberty medals with red cross 1939 was only awarded VM1 in 34 pieces and VM2 in 241 pieces. But for some reason the VM1 miniature seem to be alot more common than VM2. I might have an extra VM2 1941 with document if you are interested? PM if you are.
  9. Actually there are a very few crosses with red cross awarded after WW2 without year on the back. According to my information the awarded number is as follows. VR3 awarded 6 times VR4 awarded 14 times My VR4 on the pictures is the only known example made of hallmarked silver! Z8 = 2001 Just let me know if you want pics of any of the other crosses/medals with red cross. I have all except VR3 1918, VM1 1918 and VR3 without year. The liberty crosses without year is very difficult to find since most of those who got one is still alive.
  10. Hi Christer! Yes. The finnish medals are really cheap compared to german awards. But on the other hand alot more difficult to find since the few numbers awarded. I have been offered to buy a 1918 grandcross with breaststar with swords. But it was really expensive. You could buy several knights crosses for the same money. The VR3 red cross you are talking about, is it the one that got sold at Künker in Germany? If it is that one, I was one of the bidders. I had just started to collect finnish medals at that time and wasn´t sure about the prices. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nice medalbar Joanvara! Do you have the name of the person who received them? That red cross medal is awarded in 861 pieces, but I don´t know how many with red/white compared to yellow/red ribbon.
  11. Here is a very early and rare 1941 VR3 with oakleaves and swords. Made in 1939 style with raised numbers.
  12. This is two very rare and beautiful badges from the Swedish Airforce. In my opinion one of the most beautiful badge from the Swedish armed forces. Luftstridsmärke M/43 = Aircombat badgde model 1943 Awarded only during one year, 1943, then discarded according to what I have heard. The silver badge is awarded in around 100 examples and the gold badge in only 15-20 examples. The gold ones are very very difficult to find. Both badges are made of hallmarked silver. Unfortunately I have seen what I believe is a very good copy of a silver badge.
  13. Hi! Yes, the navy badges of Sweden have the three crowns in them. Please see this webpage displaying alot of different Swedish badges. http://www.fmuniformsdetaljer.se/312018422
  14. It is definitly not from the Swedish navy. It´s all wrong style for it to be.
  15. Sure! VM 1 without year is awarded in 579 examples. It has taken me some years to get this collection... VM1 - Type 1 And VM1 - Type 2 This particular medal was awarded for service in Afghanistan.
  16. The 1 class breast star is only awarded 7 times after ww2. Extremely rare and as far as I know. Not a single piece have been for public sale ever.
  17. VM1 1939 with red cross is awarded in 34 pieces.
  18. Absolutely! The VM2 with red cross 1918 is awarded in 623 pieces but really hard to find. Bad pics but if you want I can take better ones tomorrow.