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  1. Vili,. Thanks for the info,,this mini medal arrived today from Great Britain & next week i hope will be the Svard armband...note suspension ring is soldered to medal ring ...ribbons do not glow under black light. Dave
  2. Christer, Thanks again for the information. Dave
  3. Christerd, Great collection ,Thanks for sharing all the information about this wonderful is my contribution. A document and (2) medals....medal on right came with document.. Dave
  4. Jester, I am interested in the veteran eagle top row center. Dave
  5. Max, Thanks for the information,what is missing from the cap. Dave H
  6. Max , Thanks for the information,,what is missing from the cap?? Dave H
  7. Hi, I would appreciate any info and value on this cap.It is a coarse green wool with a bullion star on the left side ,a bullion ordinance ball and crossed anchors on the front,the interior has a black sweat band and is lined with brown material.....Thanks Dave H
  8. I thought i would bring this topic back,,i posted this this flight measuring helmet on another forum some time ago back,with out much comment...I believe it is before 1945,,,it has throat mics, ear cups with receivers,,and a short cord...all comments welcome...Dave H