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  1. Agree 100% SA. I also see Br.101 . Picture could be made from 1934 to 1939 from the uniform details. The Sturmführer is an Adjutant as you can see a small portion of his ''Schnurr'' Both SA-Gruppe Sudeten as SA-Gruppe Ostland had a Brigade 101.
  2. Hi Alex, Standarte 16 List was from M?nchen, and part of SA-Gruppe Hochland. Colour of the collar-tabs would be light-blue
  3. The first tab is indeed a Sturmf?hrer of SA Gruppe Franken (worn from 1933-1939) The second tab is an unit tab of the SA Gruppe Westfalen. Reservesturm 21 of Standarte 255 'Bevergern' from Rheine in Westfalen The third tab is also from SA Gruppr Franken, but so called war pattern. Tabs for enlisted men get piping (worn from 1939-1945) Sturm 21 of Standarte 24 from F?rth in Bayern.
  4. Hi Rick, Yes, that's what it said. zur besondere Verwendung. It's SA, and 100% authentic. Larger SA units had such a Sturmbann zur besondere Verwendung (special purposes) The were also F?hrer zur besondere Verwendung, mostly people without an active role in the SA, but with a SA rank. Best, Laurens
  5. Very nice picture again. Gruppe Sachsen. It seems you have an eye for music-bands I think I've seen that book for sale. Absurd price indeed, but it's a great book. I have a reprint of it wich I bought from Ebay a while ago. Great period reference. Best, Laurens
  6. Hi Clay, I can recommend you also Headgear of Hitler's Germany vol.3 . It's written by Wim Saris. Great reference! Another one is Cloth insignia SA and NSDAP by Angolia. Best, Laurens
  7. Great picture again Clay. This picture seems to be taken arround 1936-37. Because the wear of the first and the second pattern eagle? The one with the Braunhemd must be the youngster of the group. Maybe he doesn't had time or the money to buy a nice Dienstrock
  8. Hello Ulsterman, Nice picture! Can you read what's on the tab? Best, Laurens Ps: some of mine
  9. Hi Clay, For what I know the Dienstrock was introduced in 1932, and for so far as I know for each rank. I don't know exactly when, and for wich occasion they wore the Braunhemd instead of the Dienstrock, but they wore both till the end of the war. Best, Laurens
  10. to Don: Thanks for sharing this great portrait with the Goldon Party Badge. Very nice! to Clay: The pictures are unfortunate to small to know for sure wether it is a docter or a vet. The second man looks like a serpent. The shoulderboard were introduced on the 6th of June'33. The Musiker of St.354 is from SA Gruppe Sachsen. There're too many Standartes with number 27 to locate the other for certain. Best, Laurens
  11. Hi Clay, I think it's a docter. I never seen a period picture of a vet, but the insingia looks very much like a docter. Although the pictures are in B/W it looks like Bayerische Ostmark (Light Blue) Hochland would have the Edelweiss attached. Is it possible to determine some ni=umbers on the collar patches? Best, Laurens
  12. I'm sorry, it's the third one from the right. I think it's a doctor
  13. Great photo's! I'd like to ask about the first picture by Clay. Could please tell me if the man at the right has a metal device behind the collar tab? Thanks in advance, Laurens
  14. One of them is Fiehler (center). The wear their special 9th Nov. uniforms. I remembering Bob Hritz has one of these in his collection of Herman Fobke. Free guess; I think the SA Gruppenf?hrer is Hermann Sch?fer These pictures seems to have everything; high leaders, blutorden, coburg ehrenzeichen, Golden Partei abzeichen. What a great set!
  15. Great pictures with much detail! Thanks Robert.. I think the man on the painting is Bernhard Rust. Best, Laurens