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  1. Although God did not unify the language of the world, it enabled us to create one brilliant civilization after another. I am very happy that this friend from Netherland can understand what I mean. thank you
  2. Dear collectors, I usually don't collect medal bars. But if the price is low enough, I will also collect them. I currently only have three medal bars. What I want to know is that after their masters get the medals, they will be made up of this. If they win the medal again, they can apply for a medal again by obtaining a certificate to form a new long medal bar?For example, after the end of WW1. The winner won the 1914-1918 commemorative medal before WW2, then he needs to combine a new decoration to commemorate, he can use the certificate to get a new medal into a new medal bar?PS:If you can, I want to see the separate bars you collected. Thank you~
  3. My new discovery! Share with you!
  4. I mean, can the Royal Patriotic Service be issued to foreign citizens who are not Swedes?
  5. Thank you Micke. I just want to know that the "Royal Patriotic Service" at the Swedish commander level does not apply to Swedes? Can people in other countries get it?
  6. I also have a medal crowned by King Rama VI, imitating Britain. The Rama VI medal can be awarded to Europeans, but at the moment I only know your Danish prince combination. Perhaps it is easier to search for Thai medals than Asians, just as I can't understand the standards of the Oscar II Royal Patriotic Service Award.
  7. Gentlemen, are you discussing this medal?
  8. psb.jpg.1ea2df360e1f8c3eaf1e4c72c635891b.jpg626507512_QQ20190404164826.png.bef015d567b77f709b63607829b1e64a.png

    Dear Sir, I would like to ask about the Lippe medal in your medal bar. I want to know the conditions for its acquisition, and how much is the price? Thank you

    1. dedehansen


      Hi Sir,

      it is the silberne Verdienstmedaille from Schaumburg-Lippe

      model from 1905-1914 OEK 1236. In Germany you have to pay

      about 160 € for such a piece.


  9. This is indeed the Bavarian King Ludwig III. Although I often confuse him with his father, Prince Liute Pod. These two photos are together This obese old man, I think he is like Grand Duke Friedrich, but obviously not. His appearance rate is quite high. In my eyes, Europeans look the same.
  10. Others bought this group of bars because I don't like to have the Hindenburg Cross Medal
  11. Giggle~ Insert a photo of a European uniform
  12. 苏元春:1844.2.8-1908.6.13 Guangxi people, anti-French star, followed Feng Zicai against the French invasion. Interestingly, he helped the French consul to rescue the lady and children of the French consul who were taken away by the robbers, and received the commander-level French Legion of Honor. Please note that He also has a crown of the King of CambodiaOder。
  13. Boss: There are fewer and fewer fools who are willing to pay expensive fees, haha. . . Maybe. . It’s time for him to see my power! Seeing that friend, so persistent and want to buy, I said that my friends and I were shocked. I have some screenshots of the auction here, but I don't know if I will send them here, will there be European shopkeepers sending killers to China to chase me, I am afraid
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