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  1. The summit was held yesterday in Qingdao. Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan attended the summit. The summit ended on the 11th. At the same time, welcome to Qingdao to take a look.
  2. 1812 Overture

    How to read Japanese certificates masterclass ! !

    Although I do not play Japanese certificates and I am not Japanese, I still understand Chinese characters. Is there anything I need to help? Can screenshot me
  3. 1812 Overture

    Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market orderandMedal

    hello drclaw This is not my store, and many of them are sold. The most important thing is that I suggest you go to Beijing to buy
  4. The roof of the museum is a bookstore and coffee shop. It's more fun!
  5. 在这里我想起一句诗词;“花有重开日,人无再少年”The English meaning of this sentence is: the flowers will be reopened, but people will not be young I explain here that there are photos I just took just a few days ago. Some of them are not It used to be a German barber shop. This is the same as before, but it is now a postal museum Although the direction is different, he is the same place Above are some items from the Postal Museum
  6. German police station a hundred years ago A hundred years later it was a police station and it was not open to the public A comparison of the German field hospital over a hundred years ago. Now it is the best hospital in Qingdao. Of course, its area is now many times larger than before!
  7. I can't afford anything! ! ! You have to learn to bargain here to buy things, and some shoppers specifically deceive the money of your foreigners, so first of all you need to understand, the price is right for both parties to make a step, you can take I am already begging。。。I want to robBut I knew the boss and bought him once
  8. On April 16, 1882 at Altenburg, Princess Marine Anne of Saxe-Altenburg married Georg, Hereditary Prince of Lippe-Schaumburg. He was the eldest son of Adolf I, Prince of Lippe-Schaumburg, and succeeded as Prince of Lippe-Schaumburg in 1893. 1846.10.10-1911.4.29 1864.3.14-1918.5.3 On the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary in 1907, Emperor Wilhelm II presented to Georg and Marie Anne the family ancestral seat, Schaumburg Castle. The castle had been controlled by the Hohenzollerns ever since Georg's grandfather sided with the Austrians in the 1866 Austro-Prussian War.The gift was also meant to be in recognition of Georg's support in the dispute over the succession to the Lippe-Detmold throne. In medal bar Schaumburg-Lippe Wedding Medal(Borrow someone's picture)In terms of the number of pictures, the comparison Hesse Darmstadt Wedding Medal Made a little more。 Some of the above information comes from Wikipedia Maybe you have better information available to me?thank you。我就喜欢玩一些冷门且不容易卖掉的纪念章。。大家喜欢这种的吗?
  9. Japan’s Occupy Qingdao’s Government House German Government House made in 1902-1906 It is still partially occupied by the government and is not open to the outside world
  10. Standing here a hundred years ago Standing here after a hundred years This is the Qingdao River. The German Governor of a century ago liked to drive boats with children here, but now it is a stinking ditch.
  11. I think so Hohenzollern order 。But he generally arranges after EK2
  12. The school was closed on the day I went to school. I didn't open the door. I was really happy. A hundred years later, he was still a school. He was not destroyed, but he was burned in 1947.
  13. Oh! scared me In the distance is the largest Catholic church in Qingdao. Later, I will introduce him. He appeared after 1930 and was designed by Germans. There is an art school at the foot of the mountain,SO. . . This building was originally used by Germans to observe fires, but with the construction of the city, he withdrew from the stage of history. At the foot of the governor’s office in Germany, I’ll introduce him later.
  14. Seeing that there are people like it, I feel relieved and have the motivation to continue to update! Here is the back of China Ocean University, Germany's Bismarck Barracks is at the foot of the mountain, there are traces of the barracks during the Qing Dynasty. The distant red sphere of the mountain is the famous Signal Hill. The castle-like house on the right side of the picture is the weather station of the German Navy. It is now occupied by the army and cannot be freely entered. Here is the park now, so he was destroyed