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  1. Gentlemen, I won this medal by chance during the Chinese New Year. I only know that he is Saxony, maybe it is the Saxon-Coburg-Godda Principality? Because I turned over the information I could find, there was only a medal similar to me on Emedal. So I want to ask everyone to help me see, this is the medal of the period, I have never seen him in the order bar. It is large and heavy. Is this privately cast? Please tell us what you think, thank you. I quietly called him "Saxon Cookies"
  2. I feel great, but the price I think will be very expensive, I estimate around 1500 euros
  3. Dear friends, I ordered two Swedish medals from a friend yesterday. However, when I checked the information, I didn't find any relevant information. I only found similar information, so I would like to ask, what is the full name of this medal? "Royal Patriotic Service Medal"? Why do I see that there is a sale, the face of the medal is to the right, and the one in my hand is to the left? Although he looks worse, there is no hook. . . They are all Oscar II medals. . Which one is correct? I know that there are many medals in the Kingdom of Sweden that are not officially issued.
  4. Thank you friends, your answer has solved most of my problems. But I want to see the photos of the winners. . I think this medal is very similar to the Russian medal of Nicholas II. I don't know how to call him, it looks a bit like an Olympic medal. .
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a collector from the once German colony of Qingdao. Since my English is very poor, my words are basically translated by Google. This is the first time I posted a post. Here's my collection for everyone.Baden medal bar .These medals were purchased by myself and assembled by others, but the guarantees are true! Because of my lack of money, Baden's Breast Star were sold by me. Unfortunately, my are also unwilling to give up. This is what I found inadvertently. It really opened my eyes!Looking forward to better communication with everyone
  6. Dear friend, thank you very much for your help. So is this medal rare? Do you know the price?
  7. It looks great, but I want to know which country's badge is it? Lieber?
  8. Today is the Chinese New Year. All the couriers have rested, but my courier has arrived, I have to get it myself, but I am very happy, please allow me to reopen a new topic. I want to check out the comments for my new medal bar.PS: I am giving you my best wishes. I wish you all good health and a rich collection in the new year. Why is it the opposite, do you know why? In addition, I want to get a photo of the 60th anniversary of Emperor Franz Josef. Thank you
  9. Dear Sirs, please allow me to re-enable this theme. I want to know which foreigners are involved in the Franz Joseph Silver Jubilee Celebration? Did you have photos at that time? I have seen a Japanese officer who won this medal. Do you think this medal is rare? The price of bronze, how many euros?
  10. Welcome to add 程经邦(1886-1928)Graduated from the German Army University. The final rank is Lieutenant General。 田献章,1910Photographed in Budapest. The final rank is Major General I:。。。。。 爱新觉罗·载振(1876—1947)The son of the prince, also the prince 冯恕1867-1948 I don't know how to describe this person's official position in English. About the Rear Admiral, Naval Staff 陆征祥 Diplomat June 12, 1871 - January 15, 1949 Old age at the Belgian monastery Li Hongzhang, you must know, I will not say more. "Jang Guangtou" of the Republic of China I do not know who he is 陆伯鸿 Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and the Pope's attendants (March 1875-December 30, 1937) died in a misunderstanding and were thought to have contact with the Japanese and assassinate 何东:The Chinese and Portuguese hybrids are actually Chinese and very well known! Robert HoTung Bosman, 1862–1956 纪连台:The richest man in Manchuria, a businessman, was captured by the Soviet Red Army after the October Revolution in Russia. He was an accomplice of the Tsar.
  11. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    哈汉章:1879-1953 Graduated from the Japanese Army Sergeant School, the Qing Dynasty New Army Staff, and the final rank of Lieutenant General
  12. 1812 Overture

    Unknown Italian neck award

    Rommel's Savoy Order A few years ago I saw an auction of the photo of Boris III's funeral on ebay. I saved his picture. Although I like it very much, I don't have the money to buy him. I hope these pictures can help you, even though they have sellers' doodles.
  13. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    托忒克·端方 1861-1911 Governor Zhili, transferred to the US cruise to Japan on the afternoon of December 19, 1905. He visited Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Russia. He returned to China in August of the following year. In 1911, he was killed by the revolutionaries and his head was cut down.
  14. Speaking of fakes, I think China's fakes are not worse than Europe (I even have a little pride, although this is not a good thing) If you say that the company is doing fakes, will they send a killer to kill me?
  15. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    萨镇冰:1859.3.30-1952.4.10 Commander of the Navy, studying in the UK. Patriotic general 爱新觉罗*载洵 1885-1949 The younger brother of the Emperor Guangxu, the Minister of the Navy, visited Europe and the United States.
  16. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    I forgot to mark who this person is! Please watch him with the order of the Belgian commander Leopold II. Thank you for watching and enjoying! I will leave their names, you can log in to other places to check their life. Or ask me here. My photos don't have "copyright" as long as you need them, feel free to use them.
  17. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    刘恩源:Studying in Germany, served as a government military adviser 何佩瑢:1880-1942 Graduated from the Japanese Army Sergeant School in 1906. Has been awarded the rank of general. In 1919, he served as governor of Hubei Province. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in July 1937, he served as the Speaker of the Wuhan Senate and the Chairman of the Wuhan Administrative Committee. In October 1938, He Peiyu turned to Japan and became a traitor. He became the pseudo-Hubei governor. On June 6, 1942, he was poisoned by the Japanese army. 徐世昌:1855-1939 President of the Republic of China, politician 陈复 1887-1928 Rear Admiral. Studying in Japan Filmed at the colonel
  18. 1812 Overture

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    周自齐:Republic of China diplomat, educator, politician, November 17, 1869, October 21, 1923 lazy. lazy. . lazy. . . Oh! my eyes! 李经迈:1876-1938 Li Hongzhang’s son, once served as Austrian-Hungarian ambassador If this post is less than five people replying, I think I will not open up new topics in the future. 汪大燮:1859-1929 Diplomat, Prime Minister See the post does not reply. . I am watching you! ! !
  19. I have seen this auction. . I actually want to send it to you by email. . Because I feel that you Europeans are always too concerned about "copyright" but I don't find the button that sent you, my English is very bad.
  20. 1812 Overture

    Double Dragon

    Chinese Empire 3rd class-1。大清御赐三等第一双龙宝星。
  21. Just received today, a group of cute, non-combat bars!