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  1. A little regret, his lock is missing. Johann II (German: Johann Maria Franz Placidus; 5 October 1840 – 11 February 1929)。 Wearing old photos is rare.Everyone has it in medal bar photo?
  2. 1812 Overture

    What is this medal

    I like this medal very much, but the medals of the Korean Empire are usually very expensive and I can't afford it. I gave you a reference price of about $950 for this medal.
  3. Welcome to add. PS: I really want to introduce my post in Chinese. I don't know if there are any rules in the forum. Can I use Chinese? It takes a few hours for this dress to wear.?。。。。。。。 Mysterious person。。。 Finally: I heard that you called me a "photo bomber"? I really like this title! Haha! thanks for watching!
  4. 1812 Overture

    What is this medal

  5. 1812 Overture

    What is this medal

    1907 The Emperor of the Korean Empire (actually controlled by Japan) wedding commemorative medal, divided into two levels, as well as copper. rarely seen! I really like this medal! Envy you
  6. 1812 Overture

    My Austrian military set

    The first floor comes from the cry of poverty Look to the left, look to the right This is rare, the 60th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph, a medal for foreign spectator At the bottom is the 50th Anniversary Medal of Liechtenstein thanks for watching! Looking forward to your reply~
  7. 1812 Overture

    My Austrian military set

    Dear Mr. Gordon, please forgive my laziness. This is my picture of the Austrian-Hungarian book. PS:Are you a person in this book?
  8. 1812 Overture

    "What are you looking at?"

    Oh! I want to keep nosebleed! I especially like this, and there are European beauty.
  9. 1812 Overture

    My Austrian military set

    It's a container, but it's not original! But this paper box has a history of about a hundred years, and it is very broken. These days, I will send him the picture that Mr. Gordon wants to see. Thank you for your love
  10. Welcome to add so cute! surprise scene I can't read German, but is the snowman an Emperor of Karl?
  11. 1812 Overture

    A Barrett Watts Capt Supt CRP (1902)

    The display of the Tianjin Museum in China, interestingly, is next to the St. Stanislav Medal of the Russian Empire. https://www.kaimen360.com/jingpin-783.html Chinese introduction to this medal https://baike.baidu.com/item/天津都统衙门/141449 The Tientsin Provisional Governmen Introduction
  12. 1812 Overture

    Order of the Lion and the sun?

    Why is the front and back of your medal opposite? According to one of my Ottoman Imdias medals, the above figure in Arabic means 1333, which is the Gregorian calendar in 1914, so you can follow this calculation. But I feel that this one of you is in the period of the Pahlavi Dynasty, pay attention to the crown. https://baike.baidu.com/item/巴列维王朝/1187234?fromtitle=巴列维&fromid=4489575&fr=aladdin Introduction to the Pahlavi dynasty, pay attention to the picture on the right
  13. Dear friend: Congratulations on your new collection. According to the information in my hands, the Belgian Leopold II Medal Officer has obtained the standard of serving in the military for more than 23 years and has performed well. The lowest rank is Lieutenant. I don't know other medals, but this is a modern combination, beautiful
  14. 1812 Overture

    Hobnail trench club and bayo

    I think my ending is probably the same as the poor old man.
  15. My English is very poor, so I often don't understand the specific meaning you said through the translator, but I will give you the pictures I have in my hand, I hope to help you~
  16. 1812 Overture

    belgian Order of Leopold l

    This is the medal I bought from France, it is very good! I hope everyone likes it. Its box is purchased from China's Taobao, the size is just right, the blue cloth is my own, is it great?"Rainbow" appeared on the back
  17. 1812 Overture

    belgian Order of Leopold l

    The commander level is really beautiful! congratulations
  18. This is the shop of my best friend. Obviously, he only sells five hundred yuan. I seem to be the seller of Albania from the picture quality of your picture. What can I help you with? In addition, there are indeed different loops, and I also have deep questions about this, such as: This is the 50th anniversary of the reign of Friedrich I of Baden-Württemberg in 1902. In my opinion, there are also different links. Here, I also ask the gentlemen who know this reason?
  19. No wonder you didn’t see Chris, you bought a new “toy”.
  20. Originally, photos need to be copyrighted here? So how do you determine who owns the copyright for this photo? Can we still have a pleasant discussion?
  21. thank you, friend! I think, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I will not provide services here. . In China, it is not a violation if you do not use photographs in business.
  22. Dear Solomon:Thank you for your wonderful sharing! I want to ask you to know why this person is wearing a German uniform and wearing an Austrian medal?