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  1. Hi jf42. Thanks for taking the time to write this up, I appreciate it. Can you explain why you say he was a driver of company transport/or specialist role? He was born before 1890 and was 26 when he joined in 1913 according to his TA 4 years form so you are probably right about the fitness part. I'm not sure about the stripes, I thought they meant rank in the army? Also where it says "Have you ever served in the Army...? etc" it appears to say "1st Sussex RE." "Completion of Volunteer service", so that must be for the star you are mentioning. His reg.no. was 1115 which matches with these lines in a document I found online. 00001_1115th Mechanical Transport Company Royal Army Service Corps 00001_1115th Motor Transport Company 00001_1115th Motor Transport Company Indian Marine Transport 00001_1115th Motor Transport Company Royal Army Service Corps The second man is the Nephew of the first man, he was born in 1920 and we know he did something in WW2, my Grandma says he was a chef but I'm not sure if she is correct or not - I'm still trying to find out. Maybe he was Grenadier Guards or Fusilier regiment in WW2? If those existed during that period, that is.
  2. I was able to find the service record for the first man, he was my Gt Uncle. and his name was George. It says his reg. name was HC Divl Signal Co RE. I'm not sure what that means, I assume Signals. He was born in Brighton, Sussex and the title of the form is Territorial Force 4 years' Service in the United Kingdom.
  3. Thanks for the reply SemperParatus. I know where they lived Colchester, Essex for the first picture and Southend-on-Sea, Essex for the second. I understand the lack of information, I tried to find service records but could not find anything for either online. Ok RE the belt, I did not know that, that's a start! Will
  4. Hello all. These are two photos of firstly my great-grandfather James Henry Murphy born 1892 (or at least I think it is... I will have to double-check with my Grandparents, sorry ). Second is my great-uncle James Henry Murphy born 1920. I was told he was a chef? I'm hoping anyone can identify the uniform or cap badge that he appears to be wearing. I don't see much insignia in either photos so I'm doubtful anyone will be able to help but thought I would post this anyway. Any help is appreciated. 1. 2. [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/Du1x0nW.jpg) Hopefully a moderator can add this to the first post and delete this one. Sorry, I screwed up the format of the code.
  5. Hello all, I'm hoping to get some assistance in identifying the period of these two H.M.S. Cap tallies. I found some really good post by @Odulf in the past but I can't find it anymore. It is hard for me to tell the difference in materials! I'm trying to get a WW2 period piece. Any assistance is appreciated. Photos attached below. 1. 2.
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