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  1. Hi, "... what follows the last name" That is "Ww" = Witwe > widow Uwe
  2. Hi Mikuláš, SKDA is in english "Sports committee of the friendly armies". In Slovak "Športový výbor spriatelených armád". The organization SKDA organizes spartakiades (sporting events). Uwe
  3. Hi nickstrenk, SKDA is in German "Sportkomitee der befreundeten Armeen". The Armeesportvereinigung Vorwärts (ASV) was a member of the SKDA since 1958. I could not find any really helpful information. But I think, that it is a decoration of the ASV Vorwärts in the late 80s. Uwe
  4. The document in Post 5 show the same writer, 15 months before in another unit (!). You can see there the also wrong written date with the 0 in 5.06.1915. After a second contact the seller wrote me, that I'm not able to read the old German writing : (Sie können also weder die Schrift lesen, weil da ja wohl eindeutig Füsilier steht,...) But it is definitely wrong written "Füsilir". Uwe
  5. Hi, I have contacted the seller. He wrote me, that it is definitely an original: "Es handelt sich definitiv um ein Original." The handwriting is very unusual, like a child at the end of the first school year. Füsilir is wrong, it must be Füsilier. No one wrote the date in this time with a 0 > 6.09.1916. And why only the month? The day must logically be the same > 06.09.1916. The paper looks like a vacat page of an old book, see the horizontal lines (in my picture in red). That is not the normal document paper. The printing of the ornamental frame is uncomplete. Uwe
  6. Hi Joel the ring and the ribbon seems to be selfmade later? Uwe
  7. Hi Lee, Welcome to the Forum! WWII Zivilverteidigung? Is it possible, that you mean DDR (GDR)? Can you please post pictures? Uwe
  8. Hi Noor, The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav Norway Uwe
  9. Hi Nicolas, there are no awards shown in the Rangliste (edited 1926). Uwe
  10. Chris, 5.18 am Kemmel durch Kopierstift Auge entzündet (Kein Selbstverschulden) Uwe
  11. Handbook of Imperial Germany: Uwe
  12. Hi Chris, [Ic.] 3. Generalstabsoffizier Uwe
  13. Hi Jannis, Sergeant was a rank between Unteroffizier/Korporal and Vizefeldwebel, in the Wehrmacht it was the Unterfeldwebel. Uwe
  14. And now some catholic christmas presents. The oldest in my collection is from 1980 (47mm x 39mm) Another one from 1989 (42mm x 44mm) This one is newer, and it could be from both religions, especially for soldiers in missions Uwe