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  1. Hi Nicolas, there are no awards shown in the Rangliste (edited 1926). Uwe
  2. Chris, 5.18 am Kemmel durch Kopierstift Auge entzündet (Kein Selbstverschulden) Uwe
  3. Handbook of Imperial Germany: Uwe
  4. Hi Chris, [Ic.] 3. Generalstabsoffizier Uwe
  5. Hi Jannis, Sergeant was a rank between Unteroffizier/Korporal and Vizefeldwebel, in the Wehrmacht it was the Unterfeldwebel. Uwe
  6. And now some catholic christmas presents. The oldest in my collection is from 1980 (47mm x 39mm) Another one from 1989 (42mm x 44mm) This one is newer, and it could be from both religions, especially for soldiers in missions Uwe
  7. Hi, I want to add some other parts from my collection. It is an older lucky charm, or may be better, a medal with the patron Christopherus (St. Christopherus). He holds patronage of things related to travel and travelers, in German: Schutzpatron für Kraftfahrer. There are two versions, one with a hole at top, and one without a hole, but with a sticky tape, to place it in the car: Uwe Next I want to show different pieces, a comparison by size, catholic and evangelical: Uwe
  8. Hi Chris, I think, that it is in remembrance of the 18. Oktober 1813: "Bei der Entscheidungsschlacht der Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig können Napoléons Truppen der Übermacht der Verbündeten nicht mehr standhalten. Sie ziehen sich in die Stadt zurück, die sie am Folgetag unter Verlusten räumen müssen." Uwe
  9. I can add here a picture out of my collection: Uwe
  10. Hi John, this is an early and very well preserved document about the award of the "Deutsches Turn- und Sportabzeichen" in Bronze in 1920. The booklets from this time in my collection are in a considerably worse state. Group 4 is shot put (Kugelstoßen), weight of the shot is 14 1/2 Pfund = 7,25kg. The original signatures are from Paul Förster and Georg Hax. The document in the other thread is the cover letter for this booklet. Uwe
  11. This is one of my examples, for 5 performances: and some minis (5): Uwe
  12. This card is not in colour, and it is not Feldpost. But it is Marine-Post, 1. Matrosendivision, 3. Zweig-Kompanie, Matrose Bruno Zscheile to Marta Schwäbe: Uwe
  13. For the man or for his wife? It is definitely a printed autograph. My document, in not so good condition, came in a large mailing tube, dated 12. January 1931. Uwe