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  1. Hi, I think, that the name is Jastel. It can be the last name or a nickname. For me there is no "k" and no "b" in the name. Uwe
  2. Hi nubiris, it is German, Freikorps, Roßbach-Kreuz 1.Klasse. http://freikorps.net/orden.htm Uwe
  3. Hi Chris, Am 2.9.16 an Starrkrampf gestorben (Wundstarrkrampf > tetanus) Uwe
  4. Mein Vater konnte noch Pommersch Platt, meine Eltern legten aber Wert darauf, daß wir Kinder Hochdeutsch sprachen. Es ist uns, überwiegend aufgewachsen in Niedersachsen, halbwegs gelungen. Jahrelange Aufenthalte in anderen (westdeutschen) Ländern ermöglichen mir aber auch den Austausch in Bayerisch und Hessisch. Ostfriesisch sollte hier aber nicht zugelassen werden. Uwe Ruhrpottler, Knebel zur Schneckenwelle oder Geländewinkel-Libelle > Toggle for worm shaft or terrain angle spirit level Uwe
  5. Hi, "a lovely cloth version of the Mongolian pre-1961 enamel ribbon for the Order of the Red Banner" Please see here another version on a bar of a Marshal of the Sovietunion: Uwe
  6. speedytop


    Hi, I think, that it was in use for cables at short distances. Please see here: https://www.multi-board.com/board/index.php?thread/83292-frage-zu-handkabelroller-kabelhaspel/ http://der-fernmelder.de/zubehoer-nachrichtentechnik/kabeltrommel-handabroller/ Uwe
  7. Hi Walle, look for Czechoslovakia "Schützenabzeichen Gewehr" Uwe
  8. speedytop

    A Masonic Badge?

    Hi Bayern, "Many people in Austria viewed the societies like Schlaraffia ,as proto masonic" I don't think that. These are complete different societies, and especially in Austria a lot of people know the differences. Freemasonry is a serious and secretive activity of its members, a closed society. The members of the Schlaraffia do not take themselves seriously, and humour is one of their basic statements. Anyone can attend their meetings as a guest. The members are a little bit crazy, but in a very pleasant and friendly way. They use crazy names, and they give some crazy awards and titles. It is very difficult, to translate these names, awards and titles. For Example: Name "Prassel, das phonetische Wunder"; awards are e.g. Hausorden, Elefantenorden, Hosenbandorden, Großursippenorden; titles are e.g. "Heidjer mit Blitz und Hagel", "Markgraf am Hofe der Nibelungen", "Edler von Utkiek" and several other curious awards and titles. Uwe
  9. Hi, that is the third prize in a shooting competition at a shooting club (Schützenverein), after shooting at the bird or at a special target. The second price is the "1. Ritter", the first price is the man with the champion shot (Schützenkönig). See for example here, the three persons in the middle are the 1. Ritter, the Schützenkönig and the 2. Ritter Schützenkönig und 1. und 2. Ritter Uwe
  10. speedytop

    Gehlen, Reinhard

    Post War BND
  11. speedytop

    What was this Gentleman?

    Hi Vince, it is an interesting and impressive group for a man with a low military and civilian rank. Military service since 1895, highest rank "Gefreiter" (private), first in the regular army, and 12 years later in the Landwehr (Gefreiter der Landwehr) His first postal rank "Postschaffner" is comparatively > Gefreiter. His next and last rank as Oberpostschaffner is comparatively > Obergefreiter/Hauptgefreiter (Corporal). Such a mixed lot is as interesting as that of a non-commissioned officer or of an officer. Uwe
  12. speedytop

    What was this Gentleman?

    Hi Vince, it is a higher rank in the lowest Prussian/German regulations (rank group). Compared with a military rank it is a higher EM (Mannschaftsdienstgrad): And that for 40 years! Uwe
  13. speedytop

    A Masonic Badge?

    Hi, It could be an older decoration of the Schlaraffia Reych No. 239 "An der Leuben" (Leoben). You can find this motif on several badges and decorations of this Reych, partly combined with an eagle owl (Uhu), e.g.: Reych 239 But I cannot find it in an extensive Schlaraffia directory and not in the internet presence of the Reych 239. Uwe
  14. That is the date of the award, but it is not compulsorily the date of the completion of the certificate. Uwe
  15. Hi, it should be Oberstleutnant Friedrich Müller, commander of the regiment from 17.03.1915 - 30.07.1917 Uwe