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  1. Hi, "22 caliber @50 feet or the metric equivalent?" There are about 14,000 marksmen's clubs (Schützenvereine) in Germany. The regulations are accordingly different. Different distances, different weapons and different terms for the components of the birds. Weapons can be small calibre, air rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow and arrow or others. "Can I guess that the idea is if you hit the crown off that would earn you a higher grade?" Not necessarily; that depends on the regulations of the club. Normally the crown is only a part like the other parts. Crucial for the honour of the King (Schützenkönig) are the club regulations. It could e.g. be the crown, the body (Rumpf), the orb (Reichsapfel), the last part of the bird or others. Uwe
  2. Hi, there was a Motorenfabrik in Oberursel, producing Gnom (Gnome) engines as U-series and UR-series. The word before Oberursel could be a military abbreviation for Motorenschule (Mosch). Uwe
  3. Hi ixhs, it should be a badge of the "Feuerwerker", and I think, that it is not combined with the swastika; that is a separate pin. Feuerwerker Uwe
  4. Hi GreyC, yes, it is what you wrote basically. I had to mention it first, I apologize for that. Uwe
  5. Hi, it should be: "Einen aufrichtigen acort oder Vergleich gemacht den 24. Tag October 1799." "acort" is an old Frech word, and it is meant "agreement"; see also the English word "accord". In German it is for example "Vereinbarung". In that time it was usual, to use french words. Uwe
  6. Hi Farkas, please see here: Verdienstkreuz mit der Krone Uwe
  7. Hi Bayern, with this name you should know it: Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art Uwe
  8. Hi, I think, that the name is Jastel. It can be the last name or a nickname. For me there is no "k" and no "b" in the name. Uwe
  9. Hi nubiris, it is German, Freikorps, Roßbach-Kreuz 1.Klasse. http://freikorps.net/orden.htm Uwe
  10. Mein Vater konnte noch Pommersch Platt, meine Eltern legten aber Wert darauf, daß wir Kinder Hochdeutsch sprachen. Es ist uns, überwiegend aufgewachsen in Niedersachsen, halbwegs gelungen. Jahrelange Aufenthalte in anderen (westdeutschen) Ländern ermöglichen mir aber auch den Austausch in Bayerisch und Hessisch. Ostfriesisch sollte hier aber nicht zugelassen werden. Uwe Ruhrpottler, Knebel zur Schneckenwelle oder Geländewinkel-Libelle > Toggle for worm shaft or terrain angle spirit level Uwe
  11. Hi, "a lovely cloth version of the Mongolian pre-1961 enamel ribbon for the Order of the Red Banner" Please see here another version on a bar of a Marshal of the Sovietunion: Uwe
  12. Hi, I think, that it was in use for cables at short distances. Please see here: https://www.multi-board.com/board/index.php?thread/83292-frage-zu-handkabelroller-kabelhaspel/ http://der-fernmelder.de/zubehoer-nachrichtentechnik/kabeltrommel-handabroller/ Uwe
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