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  1. One more article about the Greek WW2 Air Force medals, showing the process from the institution of the first four in 1941, through the institution of five more in 1945, to the final form of the eight in total awards in 1953, as they are known today. The article sheds some light to some darker areas of the bibliography. https://ww2militaria.weebly.com/greek-ww2-air-force-medals.html
  2. Hi all! I have recently written and uploaded some articles on certain Greek WW2 awards, based on observations and archival research on my website. Of course there's always room for further research and improvement, but I hope that you will find them interesting and informative. One more article on the WW2 Commemorative Medals and their first -and finally not adopted- type will also be uploaded in the near future. Any suggestions are always welcome! Regards, Giorgos Article on a certain variation of the 1940 War Cross: https://ww2militaria.weebly.com/karagyozi-cross.html Article on the 3rd Mountain Brigade badge: https://ww2militaria.weebly.com/3rd-mountain-brigade-badge.html Article on the Royal Navy Campaign Cross: https://ww2militaria.weebly.com/greek-royal-navy-campaign-cross.html