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  1. kirill

    Personal Chinese Medal of 1945

    Thank you! Chinese is not my native language. The picture of the medal is normal?
  2. kirill

    Personal Chinese Medal of 1945

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to ask for help in determining the level of exclusivity of this award: Photo # 1 Gold. The big diagonal of the medal is about 6 centimeters. Text on the front side "Thank the Red Army". "Long live the Sino-Soviet friendship. August 14, 1945. " Photo # 2 To this award was attached the corresponding text, applied to the fabric (60 cm x 40 cm): "Dear Lieutenant-General K. The entire population of Mudanjiang city thanks you and all the Red Army troops under your esteemed leadership, the troops that won, destroyed the army of Japanese brigands and brought victory and freedom to the people of the Northeast. Today, when the Red Army of the Soviet Union returns home with a victory, I am authorized by the entire population of the city of Mudanjiang, I bring you, Your Excellency, Lieutenant-General, a gold medal for an eternal memory. Long live the friendly unification of the peoples of China and the Soviet Union. Mayor of Mudanjiang city - Chu Zhi Yuan. " The heirs of the person who was awarded this award have grounds to assume a high level of exclusivity of the award, as, at the time of the award, this person was in the rank of lieutenant general and personally participated in the operation for the liberation of the city (Mudanjiang, China) in which the awarding ceremony took place after liberation in 1945. This is information that heirs consider relevant. Unfortunately, to check this out my knowledge is not enough. Hope very much for your help! Thank you in advance!