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  1. Utgardloki

    25 Year Service medal

    Thats a current decoration from the 2nd Republic. It's called "Wehrdienstzeichen 1.Klasse für 25 Jahre" I bought mine for I think 25 euros. It was created in 1963 as "Bundesheerdienstzeichen" and renamed to the current name in 1989.
  2. Here is a "Stammliste", were Bernadotte isn't considered a son http://genealogy.euweb.cz/oldenburg/oldenburg8.html#C13
  3. This was after 1919, so he just got the "von" as part of his name, but not as "Adelsprädikat", somehow similiar to Lichtenberg. The line of the Ribbentrop family Joachim Robbentrop was part of hasn't been nobilitated, but others. Gertrud von Ribbentrop, who adopted him was a far relative. The "Deutscher Adelsausschuß" calls this "Scheinadel", I don't know an english expression. I don't think Bernadotte was considered a Holstein
  4. Yes thats true, but somehow different, cause he was just legitimated as king through the adoption i think. Charles XIII was a member of the the house Holstein-Gottorf, but Bernadotte didn't become a member of it. With him the new House of Bernadotte was established. I am sure he was nobilitated by Napoleon before. I'm not an expert but I doubt the old rules of the nobility would have legitimated something like that, but cause of the power of Napoleon there was nothing to put against it.
  5. Does anyone have more images of this beautiful uniform?
  6. He isn't a member of the nobility - you can't become a nobleman through adoption.
  7. It is not "awarded" (awarded is somehow wrong for Orders of chivalry as you get included as memeber of the chivalric community with the decoration as insignia, this led to some controversy when they included double award bars in WWI for example at the Austrian Leopold order as you can't become member of the symbolic community two times) by the austrian state as official decoration, but from the Habsburgs as dynastic Order. In 1953 this was accepted officially by the austrian government. The members are only men of the aristocracy. Current grandmaster is the head of the Habsburg family "Archduke" Karl.
  8. The third one is Miklos Horthy and the last one is Otto Habsburg (the last Crown prince - he died in 2011) By the way the Austrian golden fleece is still existing today
  9. Utgardloki

    Austrian military merit cross

    If you allow me to answer for you 1812, "Österreichs Orden und Ehrenzeichen" von Dr. M. Christian Ortner und Dr. Georg Ludwigstorff Or the english version "Austrian Orders and Decorations" Ortner is the director of the Heeresgeschichtles Museum in Vienna. It's an excelent book! A must have for anyone interested in Austrian orders.
  10. Utgardloki

    Austrian military merit cross

    If you mean the last post, i think it's Feldmarschallleutnant Paul Edler von Nagy at the MMThO Promotion at Villa Wartholz 17th of August 1918. This is his entry in the 1918 Rangliste
  11. Utgardloki

    Goldenes Verdienskreuz mit Krone

    Well, thank you for answering. I know it hasn't the usual appearence. The backside looks like the one from the Iron variant founded in 1916. I have found anotherone with a similiar backside. It was auctioned at Dorotheum in 2016 (picture from their website). It is mentioned there as a luxury piece. My theory is that it is maybe a private purchased one? For having a more luxury version than the awarded one.?
  12. Hello, this is my first post in this forum, i hope you like it, I am collecting austrian, german, and british stuff, I was wondering if someone can tell me more about this "Goldenes Verdienskreuz mit Krone" (pictures from the seller)