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  1. Is it possible that this was the uniform King Wilhelm II of Württemberg himself? I think I can see a field marshall batton on the shoulder-boards (he was made a field marshall in 1916) Were there others who updated their "gestickter Waffenrock" after 1910 (where it was abolished if I remember correctly)? At Laurentius: never seen that one before, looks like a Kronen-Orden backside medaillon...
  2. Yes, now that you said it, the ribbon also fits for the Mecklenburg MVK
  3. I was just scrolling through the pictures of the Wehrgeschichtliches Museum Rastatt, you can find on Google maps and saw this interesting bar (I hope I am not violating any copyrights through pasting it here) Are there two iron crosses on it?(there must be something wrong) Maybe someone was at the museum and knows to whom this uniform belonged
  4. If I remember correctly his batton (and Interimsstab???) is in the Wehrgeschichtliches Museum Rastatt, would be interesting if someone knows where the rest is... Mackensen in Hungary: https://youtu.be/6aVoTtTBuBA Don't know if this was at the same time as the video:
  5. Did the commander of the guard corps always wear such cuirassier type collars? I am still learning lots of things, the variaties in german army insignia is magnificent.
  6. Well you're right In Austria it was more stict, there was no promotion from 1867 (Edmund zu Schwarzenberg) till 1914 (Erzherzog Friedrich) except two "political" ones (1900 Wilhelm II, 1904 Eduard VII,), the Kaiser always wore field marshal insignia i think
  7. I think the main issue is that the GFM was reserved for winning a battle ord even campaign or taking over a fortress or similiar, so giving the rank (maybe "title" would be more accurate) to someone who did nothing of that would lower its dignity somehow...
  8. That was interesting, thanks I just looked it up in one of my books For Wilhelm II. it took until shortly before his promotion to an austrian field maeshal in 1900 to be made a Feldmarschall. In 1900 he lay on field marshalls insignia by wish of his GFMs ("auf die von den General-Feldmarschällen namens der Armee ausgesprochene Bitte die Feldmarschallabzeichen angelegt") It was seen reasonable for the Chef der preußischen Armee und Obersten Kriegherrn des dt. Reiches. The inscription on his batton says: "AUF WUNSCH MEINES HEERES" and "WILHELM II KÖNIG VON PREUSSEN 3. Mai 1900"
  9. Yes but I think it took until about 1900??? till he did wear the field marschall insignia, the date should be engraved in his batton which is in Doorn I think
  10. Those are his epaulettes in the Burg Hohenzollern (from the thread, picture from Claudio): If I remember correctly Wilhelm the Second was promoted as prussian Feldmarschall after he was made an austrian one by the wish of his army...
  11. Did they get a Feldmarschallstab (field marshal batton)? or were these reserved only for real Feldmarschälle
  12. One of the postcards: Source: Google Bilder To bring back some balance, a captured french flag: Source: Bavarian Armeemuseum thread
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