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  1. Thanks Jerry, yes a pitty that went down.
  2. Received them from Arnhem veterans through out the years of Arnhem research (39 years)
  3. We raised money for a little monument years ago, every year since, before Arnhem week, we go clean it up, lay a wreath, others have added, wreaths every year.
  4. https://www.arnhem1944themissingones.com/missing-soldiers-in-the-netherlands-1940-1945-allied-german-and-axis/
  5. https://www.arnhem1944themissingones.com/
  6. Thanks for the add, I am always looking for information and documentation, regarding any missing soldiers in the Netherlands during the period 1944-1945. https://www.arnhem1944themissingones.com/missing-soldiers-in-the-netherlands-1940-1945-allied-german-and-axis/ Thanks in advance, also open for any questions or remarks.