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  1. You are very right. But in Thailand every government employee have the right to wear coronation medals. EVEN they not attended the ceremony.
  2. I dont know of any forigner that been awarded these awards. I think its only swedish citizens that can apply for the awards.
  3. I dont understand what you mean. Are you asking about The Royal Swedish Orders? The awards given out by the Royal Patriotic Society and The Royal society Pro Patria are given to Swedes.
  4. The Royal Patriotic Society are a old swedish society. The Society was founded in 1766. In 1772, the Royal Declaration was issued by the Society's basic rules, after which the Society was called the Royal. (Swedish) Patriotic Society.That medal are still awarded but with the reigning king's portrait on it. The society have a number of awards they are give out. See there home page: https://kungligapatriotiskasallskapet.se/the-royal-patriotic-society/. The bigger medal are from this society. The other society are the Royal society Pro Patria, also founded in 1766. The smaller medal, "För Trohet och Flit", For faithfulness and diligence, was awarded between 1836 and 2005 to those who have been employed by the same employer for a long time or served with the same household or relative. The service for the larger medal was at least 25 years and for the smaler at least 15 years. The medal has been awarded to more than 10,000 people. My great grand father was given the larger medal for his service. Here are there homepage: http://propatria.se/. unfortunately it is not in English.
  5. I think moste forigners who have received these types of medals are royalty. But i have not found any evidence for this. Its an interesting subject to look more into but the information are very hard to find.
  6. In Thailand the commemorative medals like this can be worn by any government employees. It dosent mather if they attend or not. But only Thai citizens can wear it. Very seldom any forigners get issued this type of medals. I know only of one. Princess Ubol Ratana married Peter Ladd Jensen, American, and he got some commemorative medal.
  7. Here are the new coronation medal for king Rama X. I got the picture from my friend in Thialand and he said it was not yet officiall.... The coronation ceremoni will take place between 4-6th May. Last time a coronation took place was 5 may 1950 when King Rama IX hade his coronation ceremoni.
  8. Hi Dave What i mean is that the certificates are showing the highest grade of the order. I agree that its strange that the certificat are showing the obsoleted medal. Maybe they hade alot of them and used them until lthey were finished up. What are your thoughts about the diffrent classes i mentioned? BR Micke
  9. The Winter War medal was instituted Aug 2. 1940. It was awarded to around 700.000 people. It is a commemorative medal for the war that was in the winter of 1939/40, october 1939 to mars 1940.
  10. Yes i know it was created in 1909. But in the act of 1941, as i understand it, the collar became the highest class, there for they changed the certificates to show the highest class of that order.. The picture are a certificate from the Royal Swedish order of the Sword. Its for a knight 1 class. It is showing the collar of the same order on the certificate. (sorry its not so good picture....) The class system used in Thai RTO, Royal Thai Orders, are little diffrent then the class system in europe. The Thai RTO system was structured according to european style, but not everything. Everone say that the Thai RTO have 36 classes. But when you count them its 44 classes because In Thai RTO the medals are named as a class of the order, that is not the case in europe. In europe the medals are connected to the order but are not a class of the order. Rename the medals in thise orders to onley Gold and Silver medal, not with a class. Example: In The order of the white elephant. There are the 6th and 7th class. That are Gold and Silver medals. They should be named Gold-/Silver-medal of the order of the white elephant. Not 6th-/7th- class of the order of the white elephant. Because they are not a class of the order. This was a little sidestep... but i think this is interesteing and i think Thai RTO should change there system......
  11. Very interesting thoughts you have and i agree with them. My thoughts on the award certificates can be that in The act of 1941 it changed that the collor as the highest class of the order. Thats why they changes the certificates...
  12. The order of the crown and the order of the white elephant changed 1909. So the type 1 are before 1909 and the type 2 are after 1909. /Micke
  13. The type 1 are before 1909. The act of 1909 changed the appearance of the order. Both the order of the white elephand and the order of the crown to type 2.
  14. Here are the medals/orders. 1. The Order of the white elephant 5th class type 2 after 1909 and the Order of the crown 5th class type 1 before 1909. 2. King Rama IX Coronation Medal 3. Border service medal 4. Victory medal - World War II 5. This medal are a combination of two diffrent medals. Ribbon - The Dvidhabhisek Medal (1898) Medal - The Coronation of King Rama VII Medal (1925) 6. This medal are a combination of two diffrent medals. Ribbon - The WWI Campaign Medal (1918) Medal - Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the 150th Years of Rattanakosin Celebration (1932)
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