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  1. Micke

    Thailand Order of the Crown

    The order of the crown and the order of the white elephant changed 1909. So the type 1 are before 1909 and the type 2 are after 1909. /Micke
  2. The type 1 are before 1909. The act of 1909 changed the appearance of the order. Both the order of the white elephand and the order of the crown to type 2.
  3. Here are the medals/orders. 1. The Order of the white elephant 5th class type 2 after 1909 and the Order of the crown 5th class type 1 before 1909. 2. King Rama IX Coronation Medal 3. Border service medal 4. Victory medal - World War II 5. This medal are a combination of two diffrent medals. Ribbon - The Dvidhabhisek Medal (1898) Medal - The Coronation of King Rama VII Medal (1925) 6. This medal are a combination of two diffrent medals. Ribbon - The WWI Campaign Medal (1918) Medal - Commemorative Medal on the Occasion of the 150th Years of Rattanakosin Celebration (1932)
  4. Very Nice. Speciellt the mounted orders top left.
  5. FINALY!! After i talked to my friend in Thailand and he did some research he found when both of the orders were changed. It was 1909 just before king Chulalongkorn passed away in 1910. The act of 1941 changed that the collor as the highest class. In the section 3 of the act is say: "On his opinion, the order appearance should edite for more magnificent, and collect any class in this order included the newly medals [gold & silver medal] counted as seven classes." Attached you can see the acts of 1909. So i admit i was wrong. Sorry for all... But now we know. "man lär sig något nytt varje dag - you learn new things everyday" order of the crown 1909.pdf order of the white elephant 1909.pdf
  6. Then this are getting evenmore interesting. There have to be an explanation to this. An order doesn’t just change without any explanations. There are almost always documentation on these things. More then just different pictures.
  7. I been thinking about one thing. All pictures that show the 2nd type before 1941 are on foreigners. Can it be that there was 2 different acts. One for Thai and one for foreigners? I’m just guessing. But I think it’s very interesting. I admit that I been wrong that the type 2 started after 1941 for everyone. There must be an explanation for this. It requires more digging to find the truth about this.
  8. Interesting! He was a danish wrighter. He was in south east asia 1899-1900. Little strange he didnt get a danish order as well....
  9. It's very hard to see on the pictures. I have been looking for this book. Where did you find it?
  10. Little of topic, but information not given are information lost. general Charles Joseph Dupont hade a order from Sweden. He was commander 2:nd grade of the Order of Vasa. (Kommendör av andra klass av Vasa orden, KVO2kl) See first picture. Second picture are the swedish royal chancellor´s register of when he got it. 21 nowember 1913.
  11. I don’t know you and for sure you don’t know me. So what do you know about my trustworthiness? 😈 And another thing... my friend in Thailand are not Dave. I don’t know anyone named Dave. I’m on this forum to learn not to talk down on people like you. If I’m wrong about anything I’m willing change my opinion. There are always someone that know more then your self. I always been nice to you, so I don’t really understand why you act like you do. I thought you were interested in phalerestics... but it seems like your here to talk down to people. I think like this... the acts for the royal Thai orders that I showed you say one thing. You have showed one picture that say another thing. That’s very interesting and I would like to get to the bottom of this... why is it like this. So.. instead of just acting like you do, you could help finding out why it is like this. English are not my native language so it’s sometines hard for me to express exactly what I mean. But it seems like you know Swedish so we could continue in Swedish? 🤡
  12. I will look into it more. I think this is very interesting. Because something are not what it looks like. It’s philaristicley very interesting. I know the orders have been changed more then one time. The latest are the acts from 1941. But I think it’s amusing that you know sooooo much more then the Thai government about these royal Thai orders. So instead of being a prick you can show documents that are saying exactly when the orders changed? Because you are saying the official documents I showed you are wrong. Kasta inte sten i glashus.
  13. This pictuer was taken during the Sook Ching Massacre February–March 1942. They are still wearing the old type of uniform...... Prince Chichibu in December 1940. Still wearing the old type of uniform. Have i made my point?
  14. I have seen this. Did all officers change directly in 1938? I can onley say what happened in Sweden when a change of a uniform take place or a new uniform comes in the old days. Because in Sweden officers hade to buy there uniform, not the battle uniform. So there was always a transition time when the new was introduced. About 2-5 years. Specially if the officer was in the reserve. So often officers used different uniforms, some hade the new and some still used the old type. I don know how it was in Japan. But it can be that this officer didnt change his uniform 1938.. Maybe he changed it after 1941 or he never changed it? If you look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shizuichi_Tanaka read under the picture. And here a photo taken 31 Dec 1940 according to the page. http://nipponnews.photoshelter.com/image/I0000tARXErvgTko See on the attached picture, taken 1938, you can see both types of uniforms are used at the same time. So.. i think you can not exclude that he still was wearing an older type of uniform in 1941 or even later. Here are the acts from 1941 about the OWE and OC. The-Most-Exalted-Order-of-the-White-Elephant-Act-1941-TH.pdf The-Most-Noble-Order-of-the-Crown-of-Thailand-Act-1941-TH.PDF
  15. Micke

    red cross miniature

    Here are the obverse of the red cross medal.