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  1. Thank you Brian, that really is invaluable information and again very much appreciated, particularly given the cost of the books and in my case the need to order them on-line unseen.
  2. Thanks Brian, very much appreciated. I believe I have the Richard Deller book lined up for my Christmas stocking but I’d not considered the others. Are you able to tell me if either (or all) of them deal with my queries about markings?
  3. Is there such a thing? I’ve been searching for a while and seeing conflicting advice on what some sword and scabbard markings mean, in particular those that appear to refer to a regiment or possibly troopers number (as has been suggested on another forum somewhere). Specifically, at least in the first instance, I would like to be able to better understand the markings for 1796 Heavy Cavalry Troopers swords, what the markings represent, why their style of marking may vary so much from sword to sword and also if there is any record anywhere still in existence of where and to who swords may have been issued if the markings do relate to individual troopers )noting of course that they may have changed hands a number of times). The attached two photos are examples of two with different styles of markings that interest me, both in trying to understand their background and what they mean and in understanding why they might appear almost worlds apart in their style.
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