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  1. Thank you Emmanuel, very interesting ! I was yesterday in Antananarivo, and I saw a nice Radama Order still in the same family for the awarding! A view question : 1/You are right, my order with blue ribbon is probably coming from Delande! Did they produce cross to be awarded ? 2/Do you have an idea of the production of the second type with long beard and hear? 3/What is strange is that knight could be in silver or in gold? 4/The nice commander do not have any hallmark, is it normal? Best regards Nicolas
  2. Order of Radama II Order was created in september 1862 2 types : Order of Radama II First Type 1/The jeweler manufacturer was Kretly in Paris for the first production, probably end of 1862. Radama is with short hair, looks like Jules Cesa …Under Radama II, the middle star is bigger than the 2 others. The ribbon is red, 5 classes like the french honour legion. (knight, Officer, Commander, Cross, Grand Cross) Radama II was assassinated in May 1863… Order of Radama II Second Type 2/A second manufacturing was also procuded. Radama is with longer hair and mustache. Portrait Photo coming from William Ellis. The 3 stars are similar under Radama. Exist also in 5 classes. No idea of this second production ?! probably during Ranavalona II, order confered until 1896 and the order of Ranavalona III. For this new production, a new ribbon white edged with blue appears, but only for foreigners, still the Red ribbon for malagasy recipients. Best Regards
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