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  1. Good morning! I am looking for Ukrainian kappenabzeichens! Does anyone need someone?
  2. Please tell me what are the signs or kappenabzeichens?
  3. Good morning! Give it a bracelet! Found in the woods! Not my topic, but I want to know!
  4. Are these cockades or something else?
  5. Thanks to everyone who drops such beautiful photos! Here, I found more, maybe someone will be interesting!
  6. Soon there will be a translation into English! This is the history of the first Ukrainian military formation, which in 1915 liberated the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian city of Lviv
  7. Ukrainian general Myron Tarnavsky! Commandant of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen!
  8. The first Ukrainian military formations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire!
  9. The first Ukrainian military formations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire!
  10. Okay! Unfortunately, no! Need to wait! Do you have any other photos? Is it all!
  11. Incredible! Super! I see kappenabzeichens known to me! Just a wonderful collection! I understand that nothing is for sale?
  12. This is my collection of Ukrainian kappenabzeichens!!! They were worn, Ukrainian sich riflemen!!!
  13. Yes, the photo is really great! I'm looking for a photo where soldiers have kappens with a theme on the Russian front!
  14. Thank you so much !!! Thanks for the great photos. Unfortunately, I do not have what I'm looking for, but it's still super! If someone has a photo yet, share it, maybe I'll find something for myself! That's what I have!
  15. Hello everybody! Share photos with soldiers, on headdresses such kappenabzeichens. Thank you in advance! And these
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