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  1. Great design of Ukrainian production! Only 500 such crosses were released. Only the soldiers, who executed special orders, were honored!
  2. UNR1917

    Order of Merit a A-H buttons.

    Good evening! Very good collection. Could I buy these from you? These are Ukrainian badges!
  3. Made for the 10th anniversary of the reunification of Ukrainian lands into a single state after the act of unification of the ZUNR and the UNR in 1919
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_People's_Republic
  5. Please tell me what the kappenabzeichen is? What is his price? Where can I read about it?
  6. UNR1917

    What is the kappenabzeichen?

    Sincerely grateful for such great information. I understand that this is a decor for the doors! And the money from the sale of these decorative charms, went to the army!
  7. UNR1917

    What is the kappenabzeichen?

    Thank you very much! And what was it worn?
  8. Ukraine. A Combatant's Cross, Second Issue, Numbered In bronze gilt with blue and black enamels, marked "C Y B" and numbered "0588" on the reverse, measuring 38.8 mm (w) x 39 mm (h), intact enamels, light contact, screwback, better than very fine. Footnote: The Ukrainian Combatant's Cross was established in 1940 in Kraków, Poland for the veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The cross was issued in two varieties: the first "pre-war" issue has a pin attachment, while the second "post-war" issue was re-issued in Germany. UKRAINE. A WAR MEMORIAL CROSS, C.1945 enameled bronze badge, measuring 39 mm x 39 mm, screw back, later exile production, in very fine condition, scarce.
  9. Ukraine, Republic. An Order of Symon Petliura, c.1945 Type II. Sword in silvered tombac, mounted to a silvered zinc with black enamelled cross, type II manufactured in Germany, numbered "1398" on the reverse, measuring 25 mm (w) x 41 mm (h), intact enamels, original ribbon, extremely fine. Footnote: The Order (Cross) of Symon Petliura was instituted on May 22, 1932 by the High Command of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. Confirmed by the President of the UNR in Exile, A. Livytsky, on the fifteenth anniversary of the Renewal of the Army of the UNR. In 1936, the cross was awarded to all participants in the struggle for an independent Ukraine. There were three issues of the cross: the first was issued in Poland, with the maker mark "J. Kweksilber - Warszawa" on the reverse; the second was issued in Germany; the third was issued in the United States.
  10. UNR1917

    What is the kappenabzeichen?

    Please tell me on this kappenabzeichen! Want to know information about the year and why he was released. In addition, I need photogrphs with the soldiers who wear it!Thank you!
  11. Of course, on health! I will only be glad! I'll show some more!Very good site! I will add the Ukrainian theme! But please remove this from the section on Ukraine - Ukraine SSR: Medal for the Third Anniversary of the Revolution This medal scolds Ukraine, it's a hostile medal to Ukraine, there is no relation!
  12. Established in 1963 under the signatures of generals Paul Shandruk and Michael Krat! Metal - oxidan bronze. The author is Lyubomir Rychtytsky. Circulation up to 500 pieces!
  13. No one and nothing, no evil on this planet, at any time or epoch, will be able to win a good moment! Good! Merry Christmas!
  14. UNR1917

    1914 - Merry Christmas!

    You are right! Very right!
  15. The first version is bronze, 1951 The second version of the bronze alloy, 1987
  16. The first official awards were held in 1967! And then in 1987! In 1951 the badges only came from Germany to occupied Ukraine! Awards were not made! Ukraine in the face of Ukrainian insurgents at that time fought with a communist repressive machine!
  17. Please tell me what are the signs or kappenabzeichens?
  18. Hello! I'll try shortly! Because there is a lot of information! Designed in 1950. Author - Neil Hasevich. Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, public and political figure, member of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian Main Liberation Rada. Officially released in 1967 and 1987. They were appointed to award all the soldiers of the Ukrainian underground during the period from 1952 to 1955. The inscription on the badges : For Ukraine! For the will! For the people! Here is the book in the Ukrainian language for free reading! It tells about the differences between the awards designed by Neil Hasevich! http://diasporiana.org.ua/ukrainica/13075-ishhuk-o-marchuk-i-zhittya-i-tvorchist-nila-hasevicha/
  19. A great raid is written here: http://www.infoukes.com/upa/series01/vol33.html http://www.memory.gov.ua/sites/default/files/userupload/broshura-eng-sait.pdf Just, in 1972, released 400 crosses
  20. I need a full identification of this officer. His name is Karl .... On the other side there is an inscription .... at the end of the text there is mentioned "Stanislau" (Станіслав - on ukr.) now it is Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine. I know that near the city of Kolomyia (now Ivano-Frankivsk region) was located from 1943 to 1944, Jagdgeshweder 52. Help identify!
  21. Yes, you are right! Without a surname, a loss! It's a pity, but we have that!
  22. Time Left: 1 day and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE

    Cockade of brass, whole, no cracks. Strong! Diameter 29 mm


    Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk region - UA

  23. UNR1917

    I can not identify, help!

    Thanks for the identification! As for me, the first two badges are rare!
  24. UNR1917

    Are in good shape

    Are these cockades or something else?