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  1. No good. Badge might have a chance though
  2. Just a few more items from the Kaisers navy
  3. As promised. Technically I have 2 of these but my other one is on consignment at The Guild.
  4. I hear ya lol. No eBay tunics in my collection but ill throw up some pics when I get home tonight :-)
  5. Yes, I guess my concern wasn't really the tunic itself but the composition of the boards. Are u asking where the boards came from or the tunics??
  6. well, this is only the second SB tunic I've owned and my first one had the exact same type of board stiffner so I guess it's probably ok but after looking at other Imperial regiment boards I don't see the same type of composition.
  7. Mine appear to be backed with a cardboard material, is this typical or simply reserved for just the SB personel?
  8. Like most of these KM caps, there are no maker marks
  9. Gordon, I totally agree but this is for certain a good exception. Nice private purchase cap!
  10. Very nice NCO original cap. The dated chinstrap is a very BIG bonus. Well done
  11. Well, I'll be.........finally a Naval hat to behold that is actually for sale on the internet. Right as rain and about 2000.00 more than I can afford but I like it. -Ron
  12. Awesome pics as usual Mr. Research! Justinkase, you brought up a rather interesting topic with the fore after hat. These can be had as well if need be. So, daggers and swords can be had if your willing to spend a few thousand or more for a good one. Fore and after hats can be found as well. Sailor caps not too much of a problem. Sailor dress coats a pretty fair amount out there. Cap Insignia also can be found if you look close out there. But officer caps and coats??? Good grief!