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  1. Great Dane is right, it can be awarded in connection with state visits and when the King is abroad.
  2. The Norwegian medal is H.M. The King’s Commemorative Medal (H.M. Kongens erindringsmedalje), a royal decoration of Norway. Established in 1906 by King Haakon VIII, the medal is awarded to individuals for particularly meritorious service to the King. It is usually with a crown:
  3. Christiania

    Norwegian Plaquette

    It is a plaquette with the Norwegian War Cross. It was made and sold by Samlerhuset a few years ago. You could in total buy 12 different plaquettes with different medals and orders of the world. I think the price was about NOK 500 (a little less than GBP 50). There were, as you have seen, made 5000 sets. The value in this condition is a lot less than the original price.