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  1. AlexRSA

    Order of the Leopard - Bophuthatswana

    Dear Arthur Thank you so much! You are a scholar and a gentleman. Regards Alex Here are the reverse designs (in the same order as the obverse designs posted)
  2. AlexRSA

    Order of the Leopard - Bophuthatswana

    The following medals are also somewhat enigmatic; despite a long internet search I was unable to find any information on them. The very good Wikipedia page on Bop medals does not mention them. I should be most grateful for any assistance in their identification. Any ideas? Thanks and regards Alex
  3. AlexRSA

    Order of the Leopard - Bophuthatswana

    Dear Gentlemen Can anyone help with the identification of the stars/medals depicted in the attached photos? The badge of the order matches the description and dimensions as set out in the article by Richard Smith referred to above. The other medals/badges are nowhere to be found on the internet. Can anyone cast light on which classes of the order they might belong to? This star matches the one depicted in the reply of 922F above: