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  1. Wessel Gordon

    Iron Cross and it's varients

    John and Graham, Thanks for the replies. It seems like it could be a field of study that could keep someone busy for years.
  2. Wessel Gordon

    Order of wear - South African, UK and US Medals

    New medals added to my collection over the last day or two: 9. MBE (UK) - mentioned in previous post; 10. Pour le Merit (Prussia/Germany - WW 1 era)
  3. Can someone please explain or refer me to somewhere that explain the differences between the various classes/variants of the Iron Cross? To my untrained eye they all look the same even if the resource clearly states that it's a different class or variant.
  4. Wessel Gordon

    George Cross

    Thanks, Paul. Considering the criteria for the George Cross and the circumstances that merit it I doubt there will be a bar awarded soon.
  5. Wessel Gordon

    South African Pro Partia

    Hi everyone I recently bought a Pro Partia medal that has a number at the back. Is there perhaps somewhere a site where I can research who the medal was originally issued to? Wessel
  6. Wessel Gordon

    George Cross

    Paul & Bigjarofwasps Thanks for the replies. Good point in the last reply: I can't find any reference to a single soldier being awarded both the VC and GC. I was thinking in terms of display in order of preference and forgot to make that clear in my original post, sorry about that.
  7. Hi everyone I recently bought a copy of a George Cross and bought a Victoria Cross at an online auction. My question is: is the George Cross (as more of a civilian award to my knowledge) displayed right after the Victoria Cross and before any other medals? Wessel Gordon
  8. I recently purchased a second-hand Pro Partia Medal. On the back there is only the Coat of Arms of South Africa and a stamped number. Is there any database where I can research who this medal was originally issued to? Kind regards, Wessel Gordon
  9. Wessel Gordon

    Order of wear - South African, UK and US Medals

    I just added an MBE to my collection so my collection is slowly coming together. If other members have any idea of other medals might interest me please let me know...It the moment I'm trying to focus on bravery/gallantry medals but that might change on a nano-second's notice,
  10. Wessel Gordon

    Order of wear - South African, UK and US Medals

    Peter, Thanks for the welcome and reply. I'm from South Africa so if I happened to be a veteran I would adhere to South African dress regulations. At the moment I am leaning towards the order of first South African order of wear, then British, then American followed by whatever nation's medals I accrue in future. Due to a birth defect I never served in a military capacity but browsing medal and military sites is at the moment an all-consuming hobby.
  11. Hi everyone I recently started collecting military medals and intend to put them on display in the correct order of wear. The problem is that the medals originate from three different countries so I'm listing those I have and those i'm busy buying. 1. Victoria Cross (UK) 2. George Cross (UK) 3. Honoris Crux (S.A.) 4. Pro Partia Medal (S.A.) 5. Military Cross (UK) 6. Legion of Merit (US) 7. Purple Heart (US) 8. Distinguished Service Cross (US) According to my research in the South African Order of Wear the Victoria Cross outranks the Honoris Crux but in which order do I place the other medals? Kind regards, Wessel Gordon