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  1. VJK, Many thanks for the information...it is never to late. Regards, Ian
  2. I am hoping that members of this forum will be able to assist me with these to signatures. The first is for an Oberst and the second for a Hauptmann. Regards, Ian
  3. I would be most grateful if some learned member of this forum could help me ID this Generalmajor please. On the reverse of the photo is a green stamp – verboten 1943 and the Vienna photographers stamp (Album Kobo) . many thanks for looking, Ian
  4. Your Great Grandfather is wearing the rank insignia of a Zugsführer (Section leader). His medals are as follows; Small silvery bravery with a bar indicating a 2nd award Small bronze bravery with a bar indicating a 2nd award Karl Truppen Kreuz (KTK) 1912-1913 Mobilization cross NCO’s Long service award (can’t tell which one) He is probably infantry, but I can’t tell you the Regiment. Regards, Ian
  5. Bayern, Thank you for the information. I will try an view the TV film.
  6. Does anyone happen to know date of birth / date of death for Oberst (Generalstabs Korps) Heribert MARCHESANI. His last war time command was the 91. Landwehrinfanterie Brigade. Also I would like to see a photo of him if there is one available to see? Regards, Ian
  7. I am not even sure it is a medal ribbon. It looks like it is made of two separate pieces of cloth: blue on top of red. Perhaps it is a unit or divisional patch of some description.
  8. Thank you Sommerfeld, the information and photo are just what I wanted. I was hoping that the requested photo would match an Oberst that i thought might have been Artur Ritter Bogusz von Ziemblice, but alas not. Any idea who my Oberst might be? Regards, Ian Click to choose files
  9. Good evening, I know this is very much a long shot, but I am seeking information on Oberst Artur Ritter Bogusz von Ziemblice. He was the Kmdt. of FAR 102 & k.k. 13 FA Brigade in 1918. I am particularly interested in his date of birth and death if known. Career details and a photo would be an absolute bonus. Regards, Ian
  10. Hi Bill, The cross was instituted on 13 December 1916 and awarded until the end of the end of WW Ito soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army, regardless of rank, who had been with a combatant unit for at least twelve weeks and who had actually served at the front. As far as I know this would include members of the K.u.K. Kreigsmarine, especially those of the U-Boat service and the Pilots and Observers of the naval aviation squadrons. Regards, Ian
  11. I am seeking details on the wartime career of Titular Generalmajor Franz von Veith. As an Oberst he was the Kmdt. k.k. Landwehr Infantry Regiment Nr. 28 (May 1912 - Jul 1914). The 1917 Landwehr Rangliste has him listed as Oberst d.R., however he is not listed in the 1918 k.k. Landwehr Rangliste. Antonio Schmidt-Brentano’s publication (page 242) has him promoted to Titular Generalmajor on 17 November 1917. Regards, Ian
  12. The picture word is "Weltkrieg", it means World-war

  13. Rudolf Slezak Obermaschinenbetriensleiter 1st Klass. Promoted 01 Mar 1915 Born 1867 FJO-R (KD), GVK mit Krone, Jubilee medal, Jubille Cross and 1912-1913 Mobilisation Cross Serving aboard SMS Donau in Sebenico (local area) in late 1917/1918
  14. I will have a look and see what I can locate on Rudolf Selsar?
  15. WJT, Do you happen to know the name of the Officer whose photo you posted in ID 133? Regards, Ian