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  1. Post No. 13. I don't see any thing wrong with. Honest piece (rusty and in need of some TLC).
  2. Tony, It certainly looks like he is wearing teo Jubilee crosses. I have not seen that before. Hopefully some one will be able to shed some light on this mystery. Cheers, Ian
  3. Looking at the photo I think he has been awarded the either a silver and gold Verdienstkreuz or two silver/gold Verdienstkreuz. It also appears as if the second Verdientskreuz may have a crown. Last medal is definitely a 1908 Jubileekreuz. My guess is he was a reservist who was recalled to serve during the war and therefore he has no long service medal, 1913 mobilisation cross or other indications of 'long' service.
  4. G'day Glenn, Hmm! Feel like a goose right now. No idea how I missed him (page 30). I was more focused on the index, but just couldn't pick him out. I will now revisit the ehren rangliste. Many thanks for the additional information on his career. Regards, Ian
  5. I am looking for any career details on GM Freiherr von Buddenbrock. GM von Buddebrock is listed in the 1914 Rangliste(page 50) as being in the 1 Garde Division as the Komm. I Garde Feldartillerie Brigade , but he is not listed (that I could see) in the 1918 Ehrenliste. Any career details most gratefully received. Thanks, ian.
  6. Attached is an enlarged copy of a signature adorning a picture post card I have of a Generalmajor. Can anyone decipher the name or at least the first letter for me please. Thanks in advance, Ian
  7. From what I have been able to determine he Commanded the following: October 1895 - Aug 1900 - Eisenbahn und Telegraph Regiment - Oberst Aug 1900 - April 1905 13 Infantry Brigade - Oberst and Generalmajor . He retired from servicer in November 1906. The 1916 was a typo by me....sorry.
  8. Sorry, but I am away from home at this time, but once I am back at home (Wednesday my time) I will search for the information. Regards, Ian
  9. URBAN Eduard (21 Oct 1847 - 18 May 1916) Generalmajor 01 Nov 1900 Feldmarschalleuntant 01 May 1905 Pension 1 Nov1916
  10. Hi, As best I can make out the medals are as follows: Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class, Militar Verdienstkreuz on war ribbon, bronze Signum Laudis on red ribbon (peace time), General Service War medal, Officers Long Service Cross (probably 3rd class), Jubilee medal and Jubilee cross. There is no General Vrban in my copy of Antonio Schmidt-Brentano Austro-Hungarian Generals 1816-1918. Could he possibly be a Major? Regards, Ian
  11. I have had these two badges in my collection for sometime and I thought I would take the opportunity to share the photos, and ask if anyone else has similar badges in their collections? I would be particularly interested in any photographic evidence of these types of badges in wear. Photo 1 is a silver coloured telegraph line supervisor for the k.u.k. military post in Bosnia-Herzegovina oval badge and measures approx. 5cm in diameter. Photo 2 is of a silver coloured oval badge for the k.u.k. Railway post telegraph and telephone supervisor and is 5cm in diameter. Regards, Ian
  12. Alfred Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha was the Regiment-Inhaber of Infantry Regiment 84 from 1894 until 1900. So my mystery Oberst was probably serving in IR 84 in 1899 when the medal was issued.
  13. Farkas, Many thanks for the reply. I am more convinced than ever that it is the said medal. Regards, Ian