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  1. wasn't using a I-C 2sd substituted for a RC in the field many times when no RC was to be had? then presented with the correct RC award when back home?
  2. WOW! there is a ton of BLING in these photos. the first one with a NAZI eagle in it is inked out. strange?? thank you it was a time travel. some historical officers on these pages! WOW!! there was rely some history shown on the 7 pages!! officers with a chest full of BLING!!
  3. save it all, it is a bit of history regardless of content. it only comes around once!
  4. wow! how could the guy remember all 20 names of the soldiers in the photo??
  5. MAN, you are the guy with all the toys! now i know were they have gone, LOL! rely a superb collection!
  6. stick pine are great you can put a lot of them in a RICKER MOUNT.
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