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  1. Hello, For an optimal conservation of my collection, I look for individual polypropylene pockets for medals (archival quality)... Could you please indicate me where to find them? Thank you very much. Best regards, Laurent (from France)
  2. Le Crabe Tambour

    Greece - Military Medal of Merits

    Hello, Does a brevet exist for this medal during the WWI, like for the Greek War Cross? Thank you very much for the answer. Best regards, Laurent.
  3. Le Crabe Tambour

    Diploma of the Sacred Treasure, but what class?

    Hello, Could you please help me and say me what is the class of this diploma awarded to a major of the French artillery (future general)? Thank you very much for the answers! Best regards, Laurent.
  4. Le Crabe Tambour

    Croix de Guerre 1914-1917

    Hello Charles, Is the Italian For Military Valour medal named on the reverse ? Thank you for the answer. Best regards, Laurent.