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  1. TWM / Gallipoli Star / Harp Madalyası Godet Case

    I’m afraid they are both recent manufactures ie not originals.
  2. Please help translate Ottoman award document 2

    This document is for Tahlisiye madalyasi.
  3. Please help translate Ottoman award document 1

    This one is for iftihar madalyasi.
  4. Turkish War Medal " Z " on the pin

    I remember seeing a German maker Possibly Zeich Berlin using Z makers mark. Regards
  5. medals help

    I think there is another suspicious looking Turkish order for sale. Item number: 260816595210
  6. Turkish War Medal made by H.ROSE SCHWERIN

    There is another seller with suspicious looking TWM and other Turkish medals, orders in my opinion. Item no: 260716562216
  7. TWM

    Hi everyone, I have been sent this picture and I believe it is the reverse of the Gallipoli Star that our friend Murat has posted. It has been recently sold. So Rocky is quite right it is a Werner made example. Mahoni
  8. TWM

    Tugra looks quite simple for the quality of enamelling and there is enamel damage on that Star. It is a strange combination. I am not sure about this piece but it is my humble opinion. Mahoni Thank you Rocky, i will post reverse photos once i have recieved the medal, i have been assured by a close friend who has personally seen this medal that is is BBCo. cheers Murat
  9. TWM

  10. TWM

  11. TWM

    Hi there, this example of TWM is almost identical one of my Sedlatzek ones that I have posted on this forum some time ago.
  12. Zigzag mark

    Hi there, as far as I know that zig zag srcatch mark is a common on Turkish orders and that is how they tested the silver content of the piece. it was taken and tested by Ottomant mint. By the way your Medjidie order looks fine. Regards
  13. Tugra

    Wagner reverse
  14. Tugra

  15. Tugra

    And the reverse