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  1. didnt prussian royals also display only the 4th class of the REO?
  2. Cabinet-Photo of italian diplomat with nice orders

    why a double Samnarinese order? Wouldnt the one the chest be an officers cross
  3. its just so shiny. I was in a museum once in Germany and they sold IC like tese at the gift shop, along with new PROA3
  4. My guess: because they did not know beforehand for how long the war would continue. So they probably got the 1870 first, followed by the 1871 and concluded by the 70-71 for the entire war. But thats just me...I have no idea
  5. it has such amazing details compared to so many other orders. What pricerange do I have to think of when it comes to a single Knightscross?
  6. Hi Dave! Where did you find this Wochenblatt? I am related to a berlin paperproducer, who at least was in business in the WW1 years. His firm was called Obst & Co. (my guy was the Co., married the vegetable daughter). So I was wondering if you found some index on the Wochenblatt or anything....
  7. So the oakleafs were for a specil occassion or just an extra class?
  8. If you need data on the Iron Helmet. Look here https://davidmueldner.wordpress.com/oeh/
  9. If you would like to read more about this award, please check: https://davidmueldner.wordpress.com/oeh/
  10. Maybe it is obvious to most, but I have no idea how the EK could be combattant and the Mecklenburg is on non/combattant. What kind of official would get a combo like this?
  11. Hi, as the Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 73 became the tradition holder of the former Hanoverian 7. Infanterie-Regiment. I would like to know if any kind of regimental history of the 73rd would contain pictures of the hanoverian officers in the 1866 war. I am especially interested in a picture of SecLt v. Müldner. I know there are such pics, as I recently learned they are in the hanoverian staatsarchives. Hopefully they were published somewhere already, and this regimental history would be my first guess hope to hear from you regards David
  12. I found out via the website of the Staatsarchiv in Hannover that there is a whole bunch of photo's of the officers of the 7 RH Infantry-Regiment. Including SecLt Müldner v. Mülnheim. Is there anyway to find out which prussian unit took over the history of the royal hanoverian 7 IR? Maybe the photo's of the hanoverian officers of 1866 were published in the regimental history of that new prussian unit.