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  1. ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    A new medal? Please see the ribbon bars. Third row, first ribbon
  2. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Please see the ribbon bar
  3. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Thank you again For the next update of the ribbon plate
  4. ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    Thank you For the next update of the ribbon plate
  5. 2 Cuban Awards

    Please see
  6. Iraq IRAK

    Instructions No. (1) of 2014 Specifications and measurements of medals تعليمات رقم (1) لسنة 2014 مواصفات وقياسات الأوسمة والأنواط http://www.iraq-lg-law.org/en/webfm_send/1526
  7. ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    A unkown medal (for me) Source: https://rnt.moi.gov.kw/pasStat/att/anwat.pdf
  8. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Source: https://www.mod.gov.sa/Ministry/MilitaryRanks/Pages/default.aspx Can any translate to english the last medals from the "badges" image Thank you
  9. ribbon for identify

    Similar os the US system , not pin
  10. ribbon for identify

    Unfortunatelly nothing
  11. Please help me to dentify this ribbon Thanks
  12. ARAB MEDALS -- Jordan

    The ribbon plates updated, include some of the 2007 decorations
  13. ARAB MEDALS -- Palestine

    National Security Medal
  14. Ribbon identifaction

    Yes. A mistake updated Medal of the International Commission on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY)
  15. Ribbon identifaction

    Please see http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/odmomp.htm Yes, Medal of the International Commission on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY)