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  1. Common Security and Defence Policy Medal for Extraordinary Meritorious Service
  2. Thank you. What have to make the sheets with weeks or months apart. Sometimes it is not possible to remember everything In any case thanks for the answer
  3. Crews of the Spanish Air Force participate in this mission The awards of this medal are published in the gazzette (Boletín Oficial de Defensa). Until the date about 385
  4. HERNÁNDEZ NAVARRO; Francisco Javier y PRIETO BARRIO; Antonio. Portugueses condecorados con la orden Mehdauia, en Boletim «Pro Phalaris» #13 – 1º Sem. 2016
  5. Just published
  6. My last update of Empire of Iran ribbon plates Source: Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Empire of Iran - the Pahlavi Era by Dr. James O. Younessi [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]
  7. I have the book "Pride and Privilege a History of Ottoman Orders, Medals and Decorations" by EDHEM ELDEM. Superbe!
  8. Is possible change the subject? Spanish (Sanish) medals of the Independance war.
  9. The book of SALAT can be downloaded at:
  10. To this medal and many other I have ever known record books or lists of concessions. That does not mean that we would have. On the ribbon the image of the medal included in the work of SALAT, have no ring or hook I have not seen in any book or work references to ribbon. It could be a medal type "hand" or "table". In my website you can see some medals this period, including one of Bagur, with ring, but no ribbon
  11. Maybe I can include some interesting facts (electronic translation) Granted by the Supreme Junta of Spain several officers and crew of the British ships Kent, Ajax and Cambrian, which docked in Bagur and Palamos, for the good service that made repelling the attack of the French to the aforementioned locations 10 and 14 September 1810. According Salat, eight of these medals, in gold, were delivered to several of the officers, among them Lieutenant General Sir Charles W. Doyle, for his services in the attack of the tower and Bagur battery; and the commander Lawrie, who commanded the Marines Cambrian. SALAT, Josef. Tratado de las monedas labradas en el principado de Cataluña con instrumentos justificativos. Tomo I. Imprenta de Antonio Brusi. Barcelona, 1818 FERRER, Raymundo. Barcelona cautiva o sea diario exacto de lo ocurrido en la misma ciudad mientras la oprimieron los franceses esto es desde 13 de febrero de 1808, hasta el 28 de mayo de 1814. Tomo sexto. Barcelona, 1819, "Friday the 28th [September]. Reading in the Journal the following article: It is said, that is cradled in Tarragona, order of the Board, a medal depicting an English frigate taking over, in time of entire peace and before any declaration of war, in view of port of Barcelona, several merchant vessels, bringing merchants of this city great amount of piastres from America; on one hand the slogan reads: Spain recognized British fearlessness, and the reverse: Alliance eternal. " (Ibid., P. 342). "But the biggest and graceful of all medals of honor and award, is the one that was recorded to immortalize the action of Palamos and Begur, in September 1810, when the British cooperated to the successful outcome of the plan drawn up by O 'Donell. This medal presented themselves in English and Spanish flags respectively harboring weapons of their nation, with this slogan: Alliance eternal. On the back in the center read: Bagur September 10-Palamos September 14, 1810, and circumference: Gratitude of Spain to the British fearlessness. These were distributed order of the Superior Board, eight gold and silver seventy-eight the English who distinguished themselves in such actions. Twenty-four gold for officers of the garrison of Hostalrich, and eight hundred twenty-four for soldiers, corporals and sergeants, who so gallantly behaved in the abandonment of the castle; and one hundred fifty gold and silver for those who distinguished themselves in the battle of Vich. " SANAHUJA. X. La seca del Principat de Catalunya (1809-1814). 2003 The number of issued is 12 gold and 82 silver. All the infomations taken oy my CD "COMPENDIO LEGISLATIVO DE ÓRDENES; MEDALLAS Y CONDECORACIONES". Updated July 2016
  12. Edict 1. The proposed final award 2. Contracting Authority a) Identity: Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Culture and Universities b) date of the agreement of the Government: 20 May 2009 3. Details of the award a) Identity of the contractor: Spink and Son Ltd b) Name of work: Production of medals of the Order concerning Charlemagne Charlemagne Merit Awards 2008 c) Location: Andorra d) certain price: £ 18,575.44 (including indirect taxes) e) budget items: 365-365-22760-proj.0001 f) Term of implementation: December 2008 g) Payment of award: direct award h) Type of contract: ordinary Which is published for general knowledge. Andorra la Vella, 20 May 2009
  13. Decree of 12-9-2007 consolidation Charlemagne Prize (Official Gazette of Andorra No. 75 of 19.07.2007). 3. The distinctions that make up the set of "awards Charlemagne" are: a) the Charlemagne Prize for Literature b) the Charlemagne Prize for Literature in Catalan c) the Charlemagne Prize of the arts d) Charlemagne Prize of Science e) the Charlemagne Prize of humanitarian action f) merit awards Charlemagne Ministerial Order granting the awards Charlemagne (Official Gazette of Andorra No. 104 of 12.12.2007). Chapter Three. The awards merit Charlemagne article 12 Purpose of awards The Charlemagne merit awards are intended to reward merit acquired by people distinguished in their field of activity or perform or have performed important services to the Andorran State.
  14. This "Order of Merit" may be a fake or not official decoration. The officials decorations show on the ribbon plate
  15. The plate of the ribbon bars And the "Regulation of awards and rewards of traffic police community".