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  1. ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    A new medal? Please see the ribbon bars. Third row, first ribbon
  2. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Please see the ribbon bar
  3. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Thank you again For the next update of the ribbon plate
  4. ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    Thank you For the next update of the ribbon plate
  5. 2 Cuban Awards

    Please see
  6. Iraq IRAK

    Instructions No. (1) of 2014 Specifications and measurements of medals تعليمات رقم (1) لسنة 2014 مواصفات وقياسات الأوسمة والأنواط http://www.iraq-lg-law.org/en/webfm_send/1526
  7. ARAB MEDALS -- Kuwait

    A unkown medal (for me) Source: https://rnt.moi.gov.kw/pasStat/att/anwat.pdf
  8. ARAB MEDALS -- Saudi Arabia

    Source: https://www.mod.gov.sa/Ministry/MilitaryRanks/Pages/default.aspx Can any translate to english the last medals from the "badges" image Thank you
  9. A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade work on the medals for new military operations (peacekeeping, humanitarian, campaign, etc.) and do it in English The idea is to include the updated and official legislation, whenever possible, of all known. Where appropriate an electronic translation for those countries that do not have in English Any help or contribution to achieving these laws (include a better translation) or pictures is always welcome The front and reverse images of the medals at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi This document permanently available at the following link: http://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/MilOps%20Medals.pdf Thanks for your help
  10. ARAB MEDALS -- Yemen

    A ribbon bar from Yemen
  11. ribbon for identify

    Similar os the US system , not pin
  12. Please help me to dentify this ribbon Thanks
  13. ribbon for identify

    Unfortunatelly nothing
  14. ARAB MEDALS -- Jordan

    The ribbon plates updated, include some of the 2007 decorations
  15. ARAB MEDALS -- Palestine

    National Security Medal
  16. Ribbon identifaction

    Yes. A mistake updated Medal of the International Commission on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY)
  17. Ribbon identifaction

    Please see http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/odmomp.htm Yes, Medal of the International Commission on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY)
  18. Peacekeeping Operations Medals and Decorations These missions of the Armed Forces can demand the unfolding of activities with external projection, in the mark of a cooperation with other states or in the breast of international organizations. We can include the awards for he NATO, UN, OSCE, EU (PESD), etc organizations As always, any contribution of the members will be good to enrich this thread, because strange it is the country that at the momment doesn't have an or several recompenses to reward these missions. I will begin with the Spanish items CROSSES OF THE MILITARY MERIT, OF THE NAVAL MERIT AND OF THE AERONAUTICAL MERIT (BLUE DIVISION) With regulation approved in 2003, they are granted in category of GRAND CROSS, for general's and for the civil personnel that completes certain conditions and of CROSS, for the rest of the military and civil personnel. They are good to reward actions, facts or extraordinary services that are carried out in derived operations of a command of the United Nations or in the frame of other international organizations, should be based in some of the following suppositions: - Those that show, according to the cases, military value, command, serenity or initiative peacekeeping operations when they are developed in circumstances of risk unaware to the confrontation with hostile forces or that they are about impeding the execution of the commended mission. - Those that credit an intelligent and effective acting of those made specific that they correspond to the forces in such operations, so they constitute an extraordinary merit appreciated by the control. The Grand Cross, consists on a plaque of blasts in gold seventy millimeters of longitude, with the cross -described below- in the center, fringed of two lions and two castles in silver, and in a silk band, of the same colors that the ribbon of which pending the crosses, of a hundred millimeters wide, uniting in their ends with a knot of the same ribbon, with the cross, in gold, and subject to the band for a golden hoop. The Cross, consists on a simple cross of four right arms white enameled with blue rectangles in the arms, with the edge in gold, of forty millimeters of longitude among their opposed arms. On the superior arm of the cross he rests a rectangle in gold that takes the date of the concession, finished off by a royal crown, also in gold. Pending on a silk ribbon 30 x 10 mm - Military Merit: white with a red central stripe and blue edges. - Naval Merit: yellow with blue and red edges. - Military Merit: white with blue and red edges. The ribbon bars of these awards are constituted by the ribbon in the colors of the described crosses, of thirty millimeters of longitude for ten millimeters wide, mounted on a frame of golden metal, and framed by two lateral bars of this metal, of two millimeters wide and twelve millimeters long each one. On the ribbon and in their center, he goes incorporate the royal crown in gold, for Grand Cross Also exist a 1st type 1995-2003, and other since 2003. The only difference is the Coat of Arms of the centerl of the crosses. Tha Naval Merit not changes Military Merit crosses, blue division 1995-2003 and 2003-to date
  19. Peacekeeping Operations

    Common Security and Defence Policy Medal for Extraordinary Meritorious Service http://www.army.cz/en/ministry-of-defence/newsroom/news/eu-honour-czech-soldier-with-highest-award-129937/
  20. Czech Medals?

    Any idea about this ribbon/medal of a policemen. Perhaps related with Irak, Jordania or another country from Middle-East? Any source for police decorations? Thank you
  21. Czech Medals?

    Thank you. What have to make the sheets with weeks or months apart. Sometimes it is not possible to remember everything In any case thanks for the answer
  22. Crews of the Spanish Air Force participate in this mission The awards of this medal are published in the gazzette (Boletín Oficial de Defensa). Until the date about 385
  23. M?daille de la Valeur Militaire/Military Valour Medal Reverse is plain I believe that I'm posted this in the thread of Libanon
  24. ORDEN MEHDAUIA. Portuguese awardeds

    HERNÁNDEZ NAVARRO; Francisco Javier y PRIETO BARRIO; Antonio. Portugueses condecorados con la orden Mehdauia, en Boletim «Pro Phalaris» #13 – 1º Sem. 2016 http://www.acd-faleristica.com/archives/4673
  25. IRAN: Pahlavi Era Medals

    Just published http://ojyounessi.com/orders-decorations-and-medals-of-the-empire-of-iran-the-pahlavi-era/