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  1. Thank you for the identification Some others Jawhara Hall Museum of the GWU (General Women’s Unión), The museum houses over 800 medals and shields that were given to H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, in appreciation of her ongoing efforts to empower women and for her various humanitarian services.
  2. Any information about this medals, specially these of the upper row Rear-Admiral Bamba Nghipandua is decorated with the following medals: • Namibia’s Independence medal • Meritorious Services (10) years’ services medal   • Meritorious Commendation Certificate • The Naval Merit Order • The Namibian Navy Achievement Medal • The Sea Services 250days Medal • The ten (10) years (Navy) Meritirious Services Medal • The Namibian Navy Pioneer Medal • The Silver Star Medal • The Southern Cross Medal
  3. In a next issue of the spanish Revista de Historia Militar (Journal of Military History), the article THE MEDAL OF AFRICA AND ITS VARIANTS by Francisco Javier HERNÁNDEZ NAVARRO and Antonio PRIETO BARRIO will be published with more details about this Fernando Poo (three images) and other bars
  4. Long and Distinguished Service Medal of Security Cooperation, Medal of Security Cooperation, Loyal Service Medal (10 years?): Loyal Service Medal (20 years?) , Commemorative Medal founding UAE, 1986, Unkown Unkown, 25 Anniversary of the Armed Forces Medal 2001, Liberation of Kuwait Medal
  5. I have seen the image but I dont can identify this piece Perhaps some kind of badge for the Urban Guard of the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco until 1956 There is a decree of 1936 for the Urban Police, not Guard
  6. Is not a Maria Cristina Order This centre is for the War Cross with palms of the 1942 law Please see http://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/cguerra.htm
  7. Sir The bar FERNANDO POO is a unnofficial bar for the 1912 Africa Medal Please see: http://coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/texto/campafrica.htm For the Rif Campaign Medal only the following bars are officials: Campaña de Melilla 1909 sidi hamet el hach-gurugU quebdana taxdirt-hidum-zoco el had nador-zeluán-zoco el jemis atlaten peñOn-alhucemas Campaña del Kert 1911-1912 kert garet de beni bu yahí beni bu gafar beni sidel
  8. Unfortunatelly the book is in burmese and the images black and white http://www.moi.gov.mm/ppd/sites/default/files/Myanmar Logo (Than Tun) final.pdf
  9. More sources https://soeethu.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-post_26.html http://mingalarparshwemyanmar.blogspot.com/2016/08/blog-post_49.html Police http://www.myanmarpoliceforce.org/mm/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=94&Itemid=290 Split the optioms
  10. The Chief of Staff has authorised the issuance of the fiftieth anniversary Medal to commemorate the fiftieth year of existence of the Guyana Defence Force. The Medal embodies the Theme “Commemorating the Past, Celebrating the Present, Carving the Future”. This medal is granted to honour all Officers, Warrant Officers, Non –Commissioned Officers and soldiers who have honourable serve and are on active duty in the Guyana Defence Force as at the 1st November, 2015. The Guyana Defence Force expressed full confidence in your service and professionalism. SIGNED ON THE FOURTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN AT DEFENCE HEADQUARTERS, BASE CAMP AYANGANNA. CHIEF OF STAFF , BRIGADIER PATRICK WEST
  11. Some new "oficial medals for missions": Haiti, Mali, Afghanistan and libano, perhaps some others In the image for MINUSTAH. source: https://www.fuerzaarmada.mil.sv
  12. Thanks I belive that these are the previous medals. Is posible to dientify
  13. Thanks. Unfortunatelly I dont see any of the named "Nigerian Army Purple Heart Medal Award"
  14. MHA Medals The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has approved institution of Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal. It also has instituted three more Medals- Antarik Suraksha Medal, Asadharan Aashuchan Padak, and Utkrisht & Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal. Key Facts These medals will be awarded annually. HM’s Special Operation Medal and Asadharan Aashuchan Padak will be awarded on Independence Day (15th August), Antarik Suraksha Medal and Utkrisht & Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal will be announced on Republic Day (26th January). There will be no limit or quota for awarding HM’s Special Operation Medal, Asadharan Aashuchan Padak and Antarik Suraksha Medal. There will be cap of 1% and 0.5% of sanctioned strength rank subject to the eligibility conditions for the Utkrisht and Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal respectively. The medal may be withdrawn if holder is found guilty of disloyalty or brings force to disrepute such as removal, major penalty, criminal offence etc. Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal: It aims to promote high professional standards of Investigation of Crime in State/UT Police and Central Investigating Agencies (CIAs) in the country. Police Officers of States/UTs, Central Police Organisations (CPOs), Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Security Organisation involved in Special Operations are eligible for it. Asadharan Aashuchan Padak: It will be given to officials of Intelligence organization of Central Government and Intelligence Department/wings/Special Branches/Units of all State/UT Police, CAPFs, Assam Rifles (AR) and National Security Guard (NSG) for acts of exceptional courage and skill in intelligence gathering. Antarik Suraksha Medal: It will be bestowed upon Police personnel of States/UTs/CAPFs/Security Organisation in recognition of operation duty rendered by them for tenure of every two years in internal security in Jammu & Kashmir, Left Wing Extremism (LWE) region and North East region. Utkrisht and Ati Utkrisht Seva Medal: It will be awarded to permanent Police personnel and other permanent support staff working in CAPFs, State/UTs Police Forces, AR, NSG, Home Guard (HG) and intelligence organizations of Central and state Governments and CAPFs in recognition of Long Service of 15 and 25 year and good service records.
  15. Operation Zaman Lafiya Medal The 27 Task Force Brigade of the Nigeria Army in Yobe State, north-east Nigeria, has honoured its officers and men for their gallantry in the fight against the Boko Haram terrorists. At a ‘Medal Parade’ in Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, all the officers and men involved in the operation “Zaman Lafiya” for a period of six months, were honoured with the medals. Another category of the awards is the Nigerian Army Purple Heart Medal Award meant for those killed or injured while in active service. At the ceremony in Damaturu, the State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, applauded the officers and men for giving their all, for the restoration of peace and stability in the troubled state. Source: https://www.channelstv.com/2015/06/20/nigerian-army-honours-officers-in-yobe/
  17. ABOUT PRIZES AND POOLS IN THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE AND ORGANIZED POWER OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA http://sllist.ba/glasnik/2018/broj19/broj019.pdf a) Letter of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina b) Plaques: 1) Gold plaque of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2) Silver plaque of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3) Gold Plaque of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4) Silver plaque of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5) Plaques of commands and units of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. c) Medals: 1) Medal of Honor, 2) Medal for merit, 3) Medal for military merit, 4) Medal for courage, 5) Medal for outstanding dedication and professionalism, 6) Medal for service in the BiH defense system, 7) Medal for achievements in science, culture and sports. d) Badges of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1) Gold badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2) Silver badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3) Badge of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for service in missions outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  18. OR THE MODEL, DESCRIPTION, RULES, PROCEDURES AND CERTIFICATES IN THE ARMED FORCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA Please see pages 4067-4097 http://www.qbz.gov.al/botime/fletore_zyrtare/2016/PDF-2016/66-2016.pdf a) the "Savior" medal; b) "Medal of Bravery"; c) "Medal of Sacrifice"; ç) "Career Medal"; d) medal for "special services"; dh) medal "distinguished department"; e) The medal "Warrior"; ë) medal "Participation in humanitarian operations"; f) The medal "Participation in Civil Emergencies". Commanders of forces and supporting structures will provide: a) "Medal of the Soldier"; b) "Pilot Medal"; c) "Sailor Medal"; ç) "Medal of Knowledge"; d) "Medal of Support"; dh) "Career Medal". The battalion / flotilla / regiment commanders will provide: a) The "Eagle Eye" medal. b) "Battalion / Flotilla / Regiment Honor" medal. Commanders of companies will provide: medal "Company Honor".
  19. Médailles et décorations. http://zmc.mil.ae/Awards.html
  20. Civil Service Award for Excellent Service (Gold, Silver and Bronze) Civil Service Award for Lifetime Service Civil Service Award for Dedicated Service (Gold, Silver and Broze Medal). See the pic
  21. Some Royal Bhutan Police members
  22. THE ROYAL BHUTAN POLICE ACT, 1980 38. Medals and certificates The following Medals are hereby for meritorious service instituted for meritorious services performed by members of the Royal Bhutan Police force: (a) Any Police personnel, after completion of 15 years of dedicated and satisfactory service and who does not have adverse records in the Annual Confidential Reports for the past 5 years, may be awarded a medal which shall be worn on the left chest, a ribbon of 1 1/2" length and 1/2" breadth with three equal colours of white, yellow and red. The colours shall be separated by a black thread lining. The recipient of such medals shall be entitled to an allowance of Nu. 15/- per month for as long as he remains in service. (b) Any Police personnel who has devoted 21 years of meritorious service with a good service record shall be entitled to wear a ribbon symbolizing the colours of the Police Flag which shall have the same measurement as above. The recipient shall be entitled to a monthly allowance of Nu. 25/- for as long as he remains in service. (c) Any Police personnel who endangers and risks his own life while on duty in order to save the life and property of others shall be awarded a medal with a ribbon symbolizing the National Flag of Bhutan which shall have the same measurement as above. The recipient of such a gallantry award shall be entitled to an allowance of Nu. 55/- per month while he remains in service. (d) The Chief of Police shall award certificate of merit in appreciation of good service performed during the preceding year. The annual recommendations for police medals and certificates shall reach the Royal Bhutan Police Headquarters by the 10th of August every year and the same shall be awarded on Police Day on the 1st of September every year.
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